Tim Chitwood

Tim Chitwood: A Mickey Mouse operation

All the counselors hate the waiters and the lake has alligators, and it's Monday Mail.


Today's opening is from the summer-vacation novelty song "Camp Granada" by Allan Sherman.

Not funny

Today we have reader reactions to a June 1 Monday Mail in which a reader chewed me out for writing a Memorial Day column making fun of write-in votes from our May 20 state and local elections.

She said the topic and tone were entirely inappropriate for such a solemn occasion. In fact she was so indignant it was kind of funny.

Here's an email:


Barbara Stewart has some good thoughts about voting but what she failed to realize is that people do not go to the polls to waste time and to vote foolishly but because it is their right to vote. Then if they do not like the candidates that are offered they are within their rights to vote for someone that they believe would do a better job. If that person happens to be Mickey Mouse that is their right. People died in wars to give us the right to vote for Mickey or even to stay home.

I count it a privilege to vote, do not understand those who don't, but I'd fight for their right not to vote.

Cassonya K. Douglass.

Dear Cassonya:

Also some voters used the write-in option to type out entire messages expressing their discontent with some of our elected leaders, particularly Gov. Nathan Deal, and that would qualify as the freedom of speech we fight to defend. In some places you get in trouble for criticizing the governor, you know. Like New Jersey.

Also I just happen to have relatives in Florida who play Mickey Mouse, and they would make fine leaders, so they should get some write-in votes.

And you know, people can say what they want about my column, but I am not going to stand idly by while they disparage my family's Disney character.

I'm going to lie down and take a nap.

But seriously

Here's an online posting from Brenda-Larry Rose:

It doesn't matter when the column was written or came out. I wouldn't have found it amusing at any time. People have died for our right to vote and it should never be taken lightly or for granted by anyone at any time!

And to give the ones who don't take it seriously even a mention in the media only makes it worse. It's sad that anyone would waste their right to vote knowing the price others paid to ensure it.

Dear Brenda-Larry:

You know, most of those write-ins were in races in which incumbents had no challengers, so they weren't really wasted votes.

Also you probably won't want to read the next column I write on write-ins.

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