Tim Chitwood

Tim Chitwood: See some hot cars this summer

Splashing through the sand bar, talking by the campfire, it's Monday Mail.

Rock on

Our opening today is from the Kid Rock summer anthem "All Summer Long."


What long the sweltering weather has made it seem to be, now it truly is:


The summer solstice hit when the tilted Earth turned its Northern Hemisphere directly into the sun Saturday at 6:51 a.m. EDT. From now on, the days get shorter.

Make the most of them. When the autumn equinox comes at 10:29 p.m. EDT Sept. 22, you'll wonder where the time went and lament the fun you missed.

Road trip

For some people summer's the time for traveling abroad, to witness the wonders of the world beyond our borders.

Here's a summer vacation report from our correspondent Stanley:

This past Thursday, I traveled to Atlanta early, and I had time to visit the fantastic High Museum (named after the High family that gave the money to build it) and see the "Dream Car" exhibit that I had looked forward to seeing for some time.

There were probably a dozen cars that had been designed by some of the designers from Ford, GM, Chrysler and individual designers in the late '40s and early '50s, among other years, with an eye on what cars should look like in the future.

The centerpiece was the "Norman Tibbs Special" which was designed by Norman in 1947. It is painted in a special red metaflake paint.

The body was formed over what we called bulkheads back when we used this method to build Soapbox Derby racers in the mid-'70s, by using long sticks to form the body around the bulkheads, while Norman used aluminum panels to form this automobile body. This enabled us to get the curves in the racer body, like Norman did in this automobile.

One last car I think was designed in 1952 by a Chrysler designer.

If you are in the Atlanta area, these cars will be on view until Sept 7, and they are definitely worth seeing. I also had a great breakfast Friday morning at the Original Pancake House on Cheshire Bridge Road. Crepes. The fruit crepes. Mmmm!


Dear Stan:

I wonder if anyone's thought of opening a breakfast café with a literary theme, so it could serve the Crepes of Wrath.

I would love to go to Atlanta to see some fancy cars, but I'm afraid to drive up there because of all the traffic.

Did that exhibit have a motor vehicle that runs on profanity? That would be my dream car.

I could drive that all over downtown and never have to gas up.