Tim Chitwood

Tim Chitwood: Time for more political camp

Put aside a little time to fix a flat or two: It's Monday Mail.


It's been a while since we had an election -- so many weeks it now seems like a whole season ago.

And it was: May 20, the spring of 2014.

Ah, those were the days, huh? The gardenias and magnolias were blooming, and their fragrance was intoxicating.

Now all we have is a lot of hot air, so don't forget to get out in it Tuesday and vote in Georgia's leftover runoff election, if you've not already cast your ballot.


The opening to today's column is from Hank Williams' "Settin' The Woods On Fire," which would be a good one to sing while sitting around a campfire.


Speaking of camp, today we have postings to a June 16 Monday Mail that started with a quote from "Camp Granada" by Allan Sherman. That column also dealt with some negative reaction to a column on May 20 write-in votes, which happened to run on Memorial Day.

Here is a posting from David West:

They gave this guy an award for putting people down, sentence fragments, and misspelling the word weren't? It's just another day of comedy here in Columbus.

Dear David:

Sentence fragments?

Thanks for pointing out that typo so I could correct the online column.

Now, where is this award I'm supposed to have received?

Bob II

That column had two postings from Bob Garrard, so we'll combine those. One refers to camp songs. This first one may refer to West's comment:

Tim? Disparaging? A little, but nothing like the parade of scripted babble from most of Fox and Fiends. Lol. Especially Red Eye & Denis Miller. They should decide to concentrate on either politics or comedy, but not both. But then, they get paid a lot more than our good old Tim.

Tim: Along with yours don't forget the "We are the boys from Camp KooKamonga -- our parents sent us here for to learn of nature's ways. We can't start a fire by rubbing sticks together -- but if we get a girl we will set the woods aflame....."

Dear Bob:

Having never been sent off to camp, yet, I had no idea how many silly songs counselors made kids sing around a campfire so they wouldn't wander off and set the woods on fire.

So I Googled "camp songs," and found a whole trove of those things.

Take "The Beaver Song," for example:

"I'm a beaver. You're a beaver. We are beavers all. And when we get together, we do our beaver call."

I didn't know you could call beavers.

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