N.C. man launches effort to thwart Rick Perry's 2012 run

A Raleigh supporter of presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is starting an independent campaign aimed at blunting the candidacy of Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

The independent effort is being led by Bob Harris, a longtime conservative activist who worked in the campaigns of U.S. Sen. Jesse Helms and his organization, the National Congressional Club.

He has registered an independent expenditure committee with the Federal Election Commission and started a website,

"Our goal is keeping conservatives united behind Michele Bachmann by stopping Rick Perry," Harris said. "The country doesn't need another career politician, and Perry's record will stop him if he gets out."

"Perry is just a Republican version of LBJ who's made a fortune in office based on connections," Harris said.

"Bachmann has had the courage to take on Washington," Harris said. "We will begin with Web ads and move on to broadcast next. How effective we can be depends on how many Bachmann supporters join us."

The independent effort is also being run by Luther Snyder, who has worked for conservative candidates for 15 years. Most recently, he served as senior adviser to Renee Ellmers' congressional campaign. He was also deputy campaign manager for Pat McCrory's gubernatorial campaign in 2008 and has worked as an aide in the Senate campaigns of Elizabeth Dole and Lauch Faircloth.

Harris was the subject of a profile on CBS' "60 Minutes" program because of his ability to be an effective researcher despite his muscular dystrophy.

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