Seeing through the eyes of sci-fi characters may be risky

Rolling your eyes can be like rolling the dice.

“I have seen decorative eyes before. I’ve actually seen ones that look like dice in the eyes. Actual rolling dice,” said Chris Wanamaker, president of the D.C. Anime Club in Washington.

When you purchase decorative contact lenses, you could be rolling the dice on your health too, some experts say.

The American Optometric Association reported 17 percent of Americans have tried wearing contact lenses for cosmetic purposes in 2013. Of that 17 percent, 24 percent did not consult an eye doctor or get a prescription before purchasing their decorative lenses.

Now, the Optometric Association, the FDA and the Entertainment Industry Council are teaming up with the FX series American Horror Story to educate people on the risks of these lenses.

“Putting a piece of plastic on your eye can pose a risk,” said Dr. Rachel Bishop, chief of the consult services section at the National Eye Institute, which is part of the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md.