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Russell District Court Judge Buster Landreau to step down early

Russell County District Court Judge Buster Landreau
Russell County District Court Judge Buster Landreau Courtesy of Facebook

After losing his bid to retain his Russell County District Court judgeship in March, Buster Landreau had to make a decision.

Landreau, who has been an attorney or judge in his home county since 1979, informed Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley’s office that he will step down Nov. 1, a little more than two months before his term expires. Landreau said he has taken a prosecutor’s job in north Georgia.

Beginning in November, he will work in the Enotah Judicial Circuit that includes the mountain counties of Union, Towns, White and Lumpkin.

“Jean and I had been talking about retiring to the mountains or the beach,” said Landreau, 60. “We thought that maybe we could start a little early, so I started looking for jobs in those places.”

Landreau, with 37 years of legal practice in Alabama, applied for admission to the Georgia bar, which accepts licensed Alabama attorneys in good standing. That hurdle was cleared this month.

The other plus, Landreau said, is he will return to prosecuting.

“I am going back to doing what I really enjoy,” he said on Monday. “The most fun and personal satisfaction I had was when I was the deputy D.A.”

Landreau spent more than 15 years as chief assistant district attorney in Russell County before being appointed to the bench. He lost the seat in the Democratic primary to attorney Zack Collins. Landreau’s term was set to expire on Jan. 17, and that is when Collins is scheduled to take office. Landreau primarily handles juvenile and family court cases.

Russell County Circuit Court Judge Mike Bellamy said he has talked to the governor’s aides and requested that Collins be appointed to take office when Landreau leaves.

“Zack has indicated he is in a position to do that,” Bellamy said.

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