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Council approves 125-acre Macon Road development

With little discussion, Columbus Council voted 7-2 Tuesday to approve rezoning 125 acres on Macon Road that would allow a new housing development just east of Pratt-Whitney.

Councilor Gary Allen, whose 6th District includes the land in question, was the only councilor to speak either for or against the development, which has drawn criticism from Midland residents, primarily because it includes apartments and a small commercial center.

“Last time we met, I asked planning director Rick Jones if this was a precedent-setting step for council, specifically in approving apartments and commercial development,” Allen said. “He said no at that point and I’m glad to hear that and that it’s on the record.

“But in approaching this, in my mind, we should approach it cautiously. For that reason, I’m going to vote no and ask the council to vote no as well.”

After Allen’s comment, Mayor Teresa Tomlinson called for a vote. Allen and Councilor Mimi Woodson voted against. All others, except for Glenn Davis, who was absent, voted to approve the development.

The 125-acre project is a Planned Mixed Use Development, which allows for single-family, multi-family and some commercial development.

The project developer, the J.P. Thayer Co., say plans call for 260 single-family units, 200 multi-family units (apartments) and a small commercial center that could include a convenience store and gas station and possibly a small restaurant or two. The commercial center is planned for the corner of Calumet Road and U.S. Highway 80 (Macon Road).