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Council may spend $148,000 to demolish 25 local properties

Columbus Council will hold a first reading Tuesday on an ordinance that would allocate about $148,000 for the demolition of 25 properties.

The properties and their owners are:

* 431 Mays Avenue (Ameritrust Mortgage) * 1011 51st Street (Gavin Larue and Janice T. Anderson)* 4800 Pollman (Curtis E. Ashley)* 3036 Colorado Street (Est. of John and Inell Boone)* 4224 7th Avenue (Mark A. and Sandra L. Burnett)* 2510 A&B Forsyth Street (Community Bank and Trust West Georgia)* 2512 Forsyth Street (Community Bank and Trust West Georgia)* 2513 and 2515 8th Street (Community Bank and Trust West Georgia)* 2509 8th Street (Community Bank and Trust West Georgia)* 21 Esquiline Drive (Community Bank and Trust West Georgia)* 601 25th Street (Patricia C. Courtney) * 2211 13th Avenue (Gwendolyn Dowdell Dance)* 2821 1st Avenue (Martha P. Danford, Chase Home Finance LLC, and Ronald A Lynn Jr.)* 1515 26th Street (Lindsay Lamar Favors, Larry M. Favors, Diane Michelle Favors and Jabbar H. Favors)* 6890 Hunter Road (First Born Church of the Living God, Inc.)* 5029 13th Avenue (Richard E. Hall) * 575 Morris Road (Est. of Cynthia P. Helton, Amanda Helton, and EquiCredit Corp.)* 334 26th Street (James Lewis) * 12 Morgan Street (Thomas Alton and C. Boyce McRae III)* 2233 Barnes Drive (Charles F. and Kimberly Melinger, Collateral Mortgage, LTD, and Veterans Affairs)* 3412 Marion Street (Mortgage Resolution Servicing LLC)* 1315 22nd Street (Margaret Munford and Est. of Isaac Warren Munford)* 511 35th Street (Jack Perkins, Owner)* 600 25th Street (Percy Tindall, Forrest Pitts).