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Smiths Station Councilmember Morris Jackson wins Place 2 seat without runoff

Morris Jackson
Morris Jackson

Longtime Smiths Station, Ala., Councilmember Morris Jackson has won the Place 2 seat on the board after a count of provisional ballots, an official said on Tuesday.

In a field of three candidates, Jackson collected 386 or 50.1 percent of vote to avoid a runoff with challenger Adam Littleton, who received 320 or 41.5 percent of the official vote, said Scott Johnson, an assistant in the city clerk’s office. David Bostic had 64 or 8.3 percent of the vote. A count of the provisional ballots gave Jackson six more votes, including two over the 50 percent, and Littleton collected four more while Bostic picked up no additional votes.

With the win, Jackson joins incumbent Councilmembers Richard (Rick) Cooley of Place 4 and Richard “Dick” Key of Place 5, who were returned to office in close contests during the municipal elections. Councilmembers George Stringer Jr. of Place 1 and James Moody in Place 3 were returned to office with no opposition.

Morris, the mayor pro-tem since 2004 and serving the council since the city incorporated, said he feels good about the election, which showed that every vote counts. After collecting 50 percent of the vote, Jackson needed one provisional vote to win the race.

“I guess one thing about that is people think that one vote don’t matter,” he said. “One vote does matter.”

With 15 years on the council, Jackson said there are some things he would like to accomplish in his fourth term. He would like to see sewer service expanded in the city but knows that takes a tremendous amount of money the city doesn’t have.

The other need is getting more street lights on the roadway.

“Smiths Station is one of the darkest cities in the state at night,” he said. “We don’t have city lights. On 280, we have a highway running right through it. I think we need to harness some of that revenue that’s running up and down 280. You are going to have to set some priorities and can’t put all the eggs in the basket.”

Jackson said the city doesn’t have money for many things but the council can do more than one thing at a time. He pointed to the Smiths Station sports complex.

“We have still got stuff for kids that don’t play sports all the time,” he said.

Looking ahead, Jackson said the city needs a memorial park for veterans.

“We need to look after something for veterans and we have plenty of them here,” he said.

With F.L “Bubba” Copeland taking over as mayor in November, Jackson said the council needs to sit down with the mayor and look for some type of plan to move Smiths Station forward.

“We can’t be out there wondering,” he said. “The people put us in office to work for them. Sometimes, we need to put our own agenda behind us and say what is best for Smiths Station.”