Tillman Pugh falls to Currington; other three incumbents win

Four years ago, Carl Currington worked hard for the re-election of Russell County Commissioner Tillman Pugh.

“I had his signs in my yard and all I asked was he dig a ditch in front of my house on Westside Drive so my yard would not keep flooding,” Currington said. “He didn’t do it after he was re-elected, so I told him I would see him later. Well, this is later.”

Currington, running as a Republican, beat Pugh in the District 2 race.

Currington had 55 percent of the vote to Pugh’s 45.

Three Russell County Commission incumbents won re-election.

In District 1, Republican Gentry Lee defeated Democrat LaTonya Payne, 73 percent to 27 percent. In District 6, Republican Chance Corbett got 62 percent to Democrat Mernard McKissic 36 percent and Independent Charles Sizemore 2 percent. In District 7, Democrat Larry Screws defeated Republican Wanda Lamb 60 percent to 40 percent.

“All I can say is I thank the residents of Ladonia for allowing me to serve for 17 years,” Pugh said.

What Pugh, a Democrat, called “Trump fever” did not help him in the district.

“This was a pretty easy place for a Republican to win,” Pugh said.

Asked what his priorities were, Currington said, “I am going to work to solve this flooding issue out here.”

Currington has served as the county’s sanitation director for the past two years and took a leave from that job to run for the commission seat. He will now have to resign.

Corbett fought off two challengers.

“This was a great victory and reflects the hard work we have done for my district and Russell County as a whole,” he said. “I am very thankful to all of the voters of District 6 and I will work hard the next four years to move our county further.”

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District 1

Gentry Lee (R), 1,947

LaTonya Payne (D), 735

District 2

Tillman Pugh (D), 1,071

Carl Currington (R), 1,234

District 6

Mernard McKissic (D), 1,084

Chance Corbett (R), 1,833

Charles Sizemore (I), 62

District 7

Larry Screws (D), 2,032

Wanda King (R), 1,307