District Attorney Julia Slater beats challenger Mark Post

With an overwhelming lead in Columbus that her opponent could not overcome in majority-Republican counties of the Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit, Julia Slater looked forward Tuesday to four more years as district attorney.

Tallies reported by the Georgia Secretary of State showed Republican Mark Post winning only two of the circuit’s six counties, his most significant lead in Harris where he got 10,235 votes to Slater’s 4,528. But he was unable to pull off a similar sweep in Republican-leaning Taylor County, barely edging Slater 1,651 to 1,626.

Slater took all the other counties, her most impressive victory here in Muscogee, where she had 40,333, or 63.77 percent, to Post’s 22,873 or 36.16 percent. The early vote showed Slater had many ballots in the bag before election day, with 21,540 ballots cast in person to Post’s 10,862.

Here was the vote in other counties: Chattahoochee, Slater 736, Post 639; Marion, Slater 1,584, Post 1,379; and Talbot, Slater 1,962, Post 1,163.

“I am so so grateful for the support I’ve gotten in the community during my time in office and during the campaign,” Slater said Tuesday night, thanking volunteers and contributors “who have supported me monetarily and the ones who have supported me with their time and their energy.”

Over the next four years, she hopes to continue reorganizing her staff to have prosecutors specialize in particular types of crimes.

“I have been working toward compartmentalization of prosecutions and I want to continue to work toward that until I feel like we’ve gotten to a comfortable level of specialization,” she said, explaining she would like to form a “major crimes unit” and have prosecutors who specialize in child abuse, arson and other specific kinds of crimes.

Of her re-election campaign, she said, “I’m very proud of the way we ran our campaign. We tried to stay just as positive as we could, and I’m proud of the voters for saying that’s what they wanted.”

Post accepted the outcome. “Obviously I’m disappointed and would have liked to have had a different result, but some things aren’t meant to be, and when you start something like this, you’ve got to be prepared to lose as well as prepared to win.... Obviously the good Lord has a different purpose for me than doing that job.”

Post, who was chief assistant district attorney to the incumbent Republican Slater defeated in 2008, has since been a prosecutor for the Pataula Circuit, which he will continue to serve, he said.

“I’m going to get back to work on Thursday and do my job,” he said, adding the campaign earned him a lot of new friends who worked hard for him, “and I couldn’t be happier for that.”