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What is trauma?

Trauma is a serious injury or shock to the body that results from an accident or violence. In Georgia, car crashes are the leading cause of trauma injuries; other causes include serious accidents at work or home.

What is a trauma center?

A hospital with an emergency room is not a trauma center. A trauma center has the professional medical staff and life-saving equipment available 24 hours a day to immediately care for severely injured patients.

What are the different levels of trauma centers?

Trauma centers are “designated.” Trauma care centers must meet guidelines to become a “designated” trauma center and are ranked at levels 1-4. A Level 1 trauma center is the most comprehensive and offers 24-hour trauma care with a full spectrum of services from prevention though rehabilitation. Georgia has four Level 1 Trauma Centers. They are located in Atlanta, Augusta, Macon and Savannah.

With additional funding, Georgia can improve and expand trauma care services across the state. A statewide trauma system can save lives when trauma care is needed.

Why is the trauma death rate in Georgia higher than the national average?

Deaths from trauma injuries in Georgia are 20 percent higher than the national average because access to trauma care is severely limited. Many Georgians, particularly those who travel through rural areas — often on their way to Florida or other states — are dangerously far from a trauma center.

How many Georgia hospitals have trauma centers?

Georgia only has 16 hospitals with trauma centers and it is estimated at least 30 centers are needed to meet the needs of the state’s residents.

What is “the golden hour?”

Trauma patients who receive care within “the golden hour,” the 60-minute window that immediately follows injury, dramatically increase their chances of survival. For children, who are smaller and more fragile, the window shortens to only 30 minutes.

— Source: www.yes2savelives.com