Video shows woman crawling from under train after officials say someone was pushed

A woman begins crawling out from under a MARTA train after officials say someone was pushed onto the platform.
A woman begins crawling out from under a MARTA train after officials say someone was pushed onto the platform. Chris Wisdom/Video screenshot

Trains across Atlanta ground to a halt Sunday afternoon after officials say at least one woman was shoved off the platform into the path of an oncoming MARTA metro train, WXIA reported.

“One person was allegedly pushed wayside at Midtown Station late this afternoon and two people possibly made contact with a train,” a spokesperson for the public transport service told the station.

A witness told WSB he saw a man shove a woman onto the train tracks, and that another woman jumped down to try to help her.

“We tried to pull them out (of) the track. The train was coming (too) fast, it tried to stop but it couldn’t,” another witness told the station.

Police told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution the woman’s daughter tried to save her mother.

“MPD can confirm that the victim in this case was pushed wayside by the suspect,” police Cpl. Brian Lauda told the paper. “The victim’s daughter jumped on the tracks in an effort to assist her mother and was struck by a train.”

A witness told Fox 5 he saw the woman get dragged by the train.

“I saw her legs dangling, and she was crying for mercy ... it’s sickening. So she gets dragged a good little distance. For about 10 minutes, we’re sitting there, not knowing if she’s dead or alive.”

A video shot by witness Chris Wisdom shows one woman begin to crawl out from underneath a MARTA train as passengers disembark above her.

The video shows her head and shoulders appear from below the train car before she sits along the track as bystanders try to decide how to help.

MARTA shut down the north-south line of the service and replaced it with buses while first responders swarmed the scene, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. The women were 27 and 58 years old, according to WXIA.

The women were both “conscious and alert” when they were both rescued from the tracks after about 30 minutes, the AJC reported. Both were taken to the hospital, where the older woman was stable and the younger was in surgery, according to WXIA.

Officials have yet to describe what may have prompted the incident, but a witness told CBS 46 she saw a man shoving people around the platform.

“We were downstairs and a man just stared punching people, just going crazy ... he was punching everybody, he hit the girl in the back of the head for no reason,” she told the station.

Christopher Patrick Brooklin, 28, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and battery, MARTA police said in a statement on Twitter. They said the younger woman remained in critical condition.