Looking Back

Fifty years ago today, September 10, 1966

Wallace Threat

School boards which have assigned Negroes to teach white pupils have a warning from Gov. George C. Wallace today to remove them or he may involve the state’s “police power” to do it. That could mean the deployment of state troopers to carry out the governor’s ultimatum.


The Jewish New Year — Rosh Hashanah — begins Wednesday evening signaling a time of contemplation for Jews throughout the world. The Jewish New Year stresses man’s serious resolve to do better during the coming year, according to Rabbi Joseph Renov, of Shearith Israel congregation.


Ed N. Bailey, superintendent of Sumter County Schools, will attempt to show Washington officials next week that the county system is cooperating with the 1966 federal desegregation guidelines. Bailey will plead his case in the face of the possible loss of over $243,000 in federal funds.