Looking Back

Fifty years ago today, November 8, 1966

Lurleen Favored

A governor with his eye on the White House and his wife who hopes to succeed him in his present office put their hopes today on the ballots of Alabama voters. Gov. George Wallace’s wife, Lurleen, carried the emblem of the Democratic Party into the race for governor against a first-term Republican congressman, James D. Martin and a physician-lawyer, Dr. Carl Robinson, running as an independent.

Turnout Record

Georgia voters crowded the polls early today to have a say-so in one of the most unpredictable gubernatorial campaigns in Georgia’s turbulent political history.

Reduced Draft

Pentagon sources predicted Monday that the huge backlog of Reservists waiting to be trained will be slashed in half — to 60,000 — by next June because of the administration’s decision to cut back draft calls for the next four months.