Looking Back

Fifty years ago today, November 21, 1966

Court Date

The Supreme Court suspended today a lower court ruling and set a hearing for Dec. 5 on Georgia’s no-majority governor’s race, raising the possibility of untangling the election before the year ends.

Viet Nam

Gen. William C. Westmoreland, U.S. military commander in View Nam, said today that still more American troops and equipment are needed to fight the war there. Westmoreland did not say just how many would be needed. At present there are about 350,000 U.S. troops of all services in Viet Nam.

Knight Named

State Sen.-elect Steve Knight of Columbus has been appointed to the Transportation and Communications Committee of the National League of Cities.


A State Highway Department official voiced hope today that plans can be revived for construction of two major bridge interchanges on the Columbus-Manchester Expressway and redesignation of a 1.2 mile stretch of the road as limited access.