Looking Back

Fifty years ago today

November 24, 1966


Americans around the world today gave thanks—most while joining family and friends around tables heaped with traditional Thanksgiving turkey, while some ate C rations from a tin plate. For the 350,000 GIs in Viet Nam, some of whom did get a turkey dinner, thanks were given even though death might be a rifle shot away.

Early Oath

Most of California’s 19 million residents will be asleep or perhaps watching him in a late television movie, when Ronald Reagan becomes their governor Jan. 2. Reagan announced Wednesday he’ll take the oath of office as California’s 33rd governor at 12:10 a.m. “We didn’t want to interfere with the continuity of the administration.” Also, he and staff members said they didn’t want to interrupt New Year traditions, including football bowl games.

Warm Springs Ballet

Members of the Columbus Ballet Guild will present a special program for the patients of the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation here Sunday at 7 p.m. in the hospital auditorium.