Looking Back

Fifty years ago today, December 5, 1966

Julian Bond

The Supreme Court unanimously ruled today that the Georgia Legislature violated Julian Bond’s constitutional rights by refusing to seat him. Bond, a Negro civil rights worker and official of the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee, was twice barred from his elected seat in the Georgia House because he supported a committee statement describing U.S. policy in Viet Nam as aggression.

Jaycees Survey

Got a gripe? Just about anything in Columbus that’s worth complaining about has been put in a survey by the Columbus Jaycees. The list is a questionnaire which has been handed out by each of the 241 members to 10 of their friends to mark “good” or “bad” by 60 services that affect nearly everyone’s day.

1st Cav Tribute

A local committee instructed to obtain designs for a monument honoring the First Cavalry Division apparently has dropped plans for a monument in favor of a fountain and a memorial garden.