Looking Back

Fifty years ago today, March 3, 1967

‘Worst of War’

Two American or Vietnamese warplanes mistakenly dropped American-style anti-personnel bombs on a friendly Montagnard village Thursday night, killing an estimated 100 civilians and wounding at least 200 others in the worst accidental air strike of the war. U.S. military spokesman today said they were unable to positively identify the aircraft which bombed Lang Vei II, a South Vietnamese village near the Laotion border.

War Deaths

U.S. combat deaths in Vietnam are surging upward at a percentage rate nearly matching Communist losses. Defense Department figures show 163 and 172 U.S. combat dead during the last two weeks — 74 per cent above last year’s 96 per week fatality rate.

JFK Probe

Dist. Atty. Jim Garrison’s probe into the assassination of President Kennedy got support from most area residents questioned today in a downtown street survey. Most backed the New Orleans DA for his five month probe which resulted in the arrest Wednesday of Clay Shaw, prosperous retired executive, and Shaw’s booking on conspiracy charges.