5 Ways to feel better and live better during the New Year

Kyle Nazario


We're about to start the New Year! It's the time of year to make changes and focus on personal growth. To celebrate, we've compiled a list of small things to do once a year that can help anyone. Some improve you, others help tidy your life. Let us know your tips in the comments!

Clean out your closet

Look through your clothes. Is there anything in there you haven't worn in the last year? Why not? Would you wear it tomorrow? If not, do you really need it? Some outfits (formal wear or interview suits) might need to stay, but consider donating what you don't need. Speaking of charity...

Volunteer for the holidays

One of the best things anyone can do around this time of year is volunteer to help others. Ask your church what they're doing around town to help out, and help them. Charities always need time or money from those who can afford to give either.

Go somewhere unusual

Do you eat at the same restaurant? Hang out at the same bar? Change it up! Regularity brings comfort in one hand and discontent in the other. Variety can help you see different people and break out of a rut.

Change the batteries on your smoke alarm

There is nothing more infuriating than hearing a chirping noise from a smoke detector running out of power. Save yourself the frustration and change the batteries before they start beeping at you. Oh, and it'll keep you safe from fires.

Write down a list of what you're proud of

Obviously this varies from person to person, but people can be hard on themselves. Take a minute after the New Year's parties to write down five things you're proud of doing or having. They can be personal accomplishments, relationships, whatever. It's just good to remember all the good things.