Completing a city showpiece

The Chattahoochee RiverWalk has for 20 years stood as a prime example of imaginative people in a community making a virtue of necessity.

The necessity was a major (and expensive) upgrade to the city’s antiquated combined sewer overflow, or CSO, system which after heavy rains dumped massive amounts of raw sewage directly into the Chattahoochee River.

The virtue was using local sales tax money not just to alleviate environmental blight, but to go well beyond that and create an environmental treasure. Columbus didn’t just repair the sewer system, but built over it a paved and landscaped corridor, a linear park for walkers and cyclists and picnickers.

It’s often cited by visitors to the city as a favorite destination, and by residents as a favorite amenity.

The RiverWalk’s southern stretch, from downtown Columbus past Rotary and Rigdon parks and Oxbow Meadows to Fort Benning, has been complete for years. Now the last missing pieces — two gaps in the northward stretch between TSYS and the Lake Oliver Marina — are expected to be in place by this time next year, according to city Planning Director Rick Jones.

That northern link has been delayed by physical, logistical and financial challenges. One section runs up against the old City Mills, where people have to either turn around or bypass the mill complex on First Avenue before turning back to the RiverWalk. The other is even more challenging — the North Highlands Dam, which creates a 30-foot rise that designers are addressing with a switchback pattern. Both will be funded with transportation sales tax funds voters approved in 2012.

If all goes as planned, by the time the welcome cool breezes of fall 2017 grace the river corridor the RiverWalk will be open from end to end. That will be an event to celebrate.

Anthony … really, now.

We have to ask: What’s the deal with these “men” who send women digital pictures of their … anatomical details?

As you have no doubt heard, the eponymous Anthony Weiner has again been “outed” (so to speak) for sending close-ups of (as AP reported it) his “bulging underpants” to another woman. This woman, once again, is not his wife, who has been through this particularly bizarre brand of humiliation before and who has now, not surprisingly, had enough.

Huma Abedin, an aide to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, said Monday she is leaving her sexually shutterbugging hubby, whose latest “personal” portfolio reportedly includes pictures taken in the presence of their young son.

(As if the Eeeuww Factor of this story weren’t already absurd enough, the Clinton campaign was immediately accused of “bad judgment” by none other than Donald Trump, who publicly boasts of his own manly anatomical endowment.)

One might think wistfully of the suave David Niven, whose immediate onstage response to a streaker at the 1974 Oscars was to note that the young man was “showing his shortcomings.”