Looking Back

Fifty years ago today, September 5, 1966

Labor Day

President Johnson told organized labor today, on its own holiday and in one of its citadels, that “it can’t make all the gains it wants-all at once.” Johnson, coupled a blunt call for labor union restraint with a pledge he would not forget the goal of a guaranteed annual wage.

Firemen Save Woman

Columbus firemen are reported to have saved the life of an Augusta woman Sunday evening at the pool of the Georgian Motel, 3461 Victory Drive. Fireman Lt. J. W. Harris, C. J. Gregory and H.D. Alford applied one of the department’s two resuscitators, reviving the woman in about 15 minutes.


The annual Labor Day celebration sponsored by the Columbus Labor Council, AFL-CIO, will be held beginning at 4 p.m. today at Municipal Auditorium.