Letters to the Editor

Against all odds …

I want to start where I usually end. Vote Libertarian, vote Gary Johnson. Whew, that’s out of the way.

How can anyone support Clinton and not look embarrassed? No, there is no smoking gun; the Clintons cabal is too smart for that. You may be for Clinton but I doubt you are too stupid to see the corruption. It is not the endless boring emails. It is the conniving, obstruction and plain lying.

Trump is a dealer. We knew that from the beginning. Why do you expect a successful businessman to have a firm moral code, especially one that survived the wilds of NYC? There are no firm moral beliefs; there is no driving philosophy other than greed.

I have found little of Obama’s policies that I agreed with. He is a narcissistic socialist with little regard for the Constitution, the truth and the law in general. With all that said, I do not believe the man is corrupt. Life’s little mercies.

Keep your eyes open, folks. The current administration has ignored all protections in order to get “agreements.” How many more hidden items are there?

I do not expect a third-party winner, and have no doubt that whomever is elected president we will have four years of corruption or four years of deal making that accomplishes nothing good.

Brian Kohlhase, Phenix City

True ‘Blue’

It’s crunch time, fellow voters, and yard signs are proliferating. I believe in letting people know where I stand, but I understand that not everyone is in a position to “go public.” Public personalities have a hard time with that — i.e., my minister, the mayor, and even Dusty Nix have constituencies drawn from several different parties and can hardly be expected – with notable exceptions — to be overly public about their political preferences. When some do they often alienate large numbers of their followers. Even some of my heroes lost some of their sheen when they opposed Bernie Sanders.

But I have always admired some brave souls when they stood against positions that I found appallingly compelling — remember when certain singers publicly opposed the Vietnam War, the Contra war in Nicaragua, the invasion of Iraq? And lost popularity due to their stands?

As a college professor with diverse students I have often tried not to be too outspoken, yet I am proud of the fact that over the years I have had bumper stickers that read “Carter” and “Obama” and opposed the invasion of Iraq. I have posted Democratic presidential candidate stickers ever since Adlai Stevenson ran against Eisenhower, something I have never regretted after Eisenhower (despite a few good domestic policies) sponsored subversion of good foreign governments in Iran, Guatemala, and Congo, to name just a few actions that led to foreign policy disasters. He showed Kennedy and Johnson the path to disaster in Vietnam. To some naysayers I respond that Carter and Obama will be recognized by historians as two of our greater presidents.

So, brave ones, go get your Hillary and Barksdale signs. In future years you will be able to brag to friends, relatives and yet unborn children about your actions opposing fascism in 2016.

John Studstill, Columbus

Historic wisdom

Regardless of station, race or creed, we must acknowledge the deplorable economic truths of today and adopt the following principles, not as entitlements but as inalienable rights:

[1] useful and remunerative jobs in the industries, shops, farms or mines throughout the nation; [2] ability to earn enough to provide adequate food, clothing and recreation for a family; [3] ability to raise and sell products at a return which will give every farmer and his family a decent living; [4] ability of every businessman, large and small, to trade in an atmosphere of freedom, including freedom from unfair competition and domination by monopolies at home or abroad; [5] ability of every family to have a decent home; [6] availability of adequate medical care and the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health; [7] protection from the economic fears of old age, sickness, accident and unemployment; [8] a good education.

My ideas? No. Lenin? No. Marx? No. Nixon? No. Reagan? No. Bush 1? No. Clinton? No. Bush-2? No. Obama? No. Any Republican or conservative that ever lived? No.

Say hello to Franklin Delano Roosevelt in a speech made in 1944 during the height of WWII amid the terrible sacrifices being suffered at home. He has been the enemy of right-wing lunatics in this country since the New Deal and there will never be a statue erected in his honor in Washington.

But if we are to survive as a nation and be worthy of emulation anywhere, then we’d damned sure better adopt his philosophy and repel the egregious “house divided” antics so evident today that must rattle Lincoln’s bones in their interment.

Robert John White, Georgetown