Letters to the Editor

Preserving our sense of place

To all who have supported Historic Columbus during the last 50 years and to all who care about their community:

The 50th anniversary Golden Jubilee event celebrating Historic Columbus' founding in 1966 was held at the Trade Center on November 15.

Scores of volunteers transformed the dining gallery and South Hall. The Hall featured a 300-foot streetscape hanging highlighting etchings of buildings in Columbus whose preservation has been aided by Historic Columbus constituents.

Historic preservation involves more than just saving old buildings; it is about people and the places they care about. Historic Columbus has worked hard to emphasize the history of Columbus and the built environment which makes it special and creates a "sense of place."

The mission of the hundreds of volunteers who have presented these events during the year-long celebration has been to make Columbus the place where one wants to live and to which the next generation wants to return.

Heartfelt thanks to the dedicated volunteers, the incredible staff of HCF and all who support the "Save Me a Place" concept.

Janice P. Biggers, Founding member, Historic Columbus

It’s not the cat

The letter from a Columbus citizen headlined “Out of control” was misleading. Now our city and animal control is more in control regarding feral cats.

In most endeavors in life, not every activity is going to make everyone happy; if you have a stray that is irritating you and you do not wish to feed the animal, I suggest that you get a motion detector sprinkler which is made specifically to ward off unwanted encroachment by animals including feral cats, dogs, possums, and raccoons. This modest outlay of funds should solve your aggravation.

The purpose the TNR program is to reduce cat populations. I tell people, if you don’t like cats you will love TNR. That same cat in the past year could have sired 30 to 40 other cats. So I think it is a small price to pay for the great progress our city has made in reducing animal euthanasia. In the last five years, Animal Control euthanasia has gone from 2,816 cats to 239 this year — what a tremendous reduction! We are saving lives by reducing population.

But remember, the cat did not ask to be there. It is uncaring owners, people who do not want to get their animals fixed, and just irresponsible pet owners who are the problem.

Tom Bryan, Columbus

Costly ‘progress’

Who will get rich off of a casino in Columbus? Our fair city has a lot of poverty, undereducated and poorly employed people, and underemployed educated folks. We have a young military population that has sustained our growth and way of life, and they, too, have the vulnerable among them.

We have a huge number of kids growing up without two parents, impressionable children, many of whom have no working parent in the home. We should consider these kids as a life trust to us as a city and a potential boon to our economy. Talent, brilliant minds, should be tutored, and trained to succeed, but what many of them will emulate is ignorance, poverty, drugs and crime.

When is progress regressive? Will a casino encourage people to bend to their baser desires? Will gambling, alcohol and prostitution help a city like Columbus? How many bankruptcies will there be? How many DUI deaths will tally up to the casino? How many broken homes? How many broken people??

Won't a casino create and sustain all sorts of addictive behaviors, from alcohol to gambling? Won't a casino create a fantasy-road to success rather than a sincere esteem and emulation of success?

Just name it Casino 666 — call it what it is.

Deborah Owens, Columbus

A job well done

John Darr's hardcore work ethic, his loyalty to friends, his devotion to the people he serves and love for his community are as solid as Stone Mountain.

John has worked to transform our jail system. Improvements include the veterans ward as well as job skills and training centers to ensure that these people can reenter the workforce.

Many people do not understand issues regarding the budget for the Sheriff's Department. John makes sure that his people are well-trained, and that all inmates receive the medications that they are prescribed including HIV and diabetic inmates and any others. John has worked hard to lower the recidivism rate.

But the main reason I vote for John is because he's a good man. John has been a good friend to me and so many others for so many years. John cares about this community, our citizens and of course our inmates.

When I spoke to John I told him I supported him simply because he did not try to glamorize the Sheriff's Department like other departments have done. John needs the funds that he asked for. So let's make sure John knows how much we appreciate him doing a good job. December 8th I urge you to join me in reelecting John Darr Sheriff of Muscogee County.

Jeremy Scott Hobbs, Columbus