Letters to the Editor

So far, just recusal

Jeff Sessions should not be given the opportunity to resign, walk away with his tail between his legs — he should be summarily fired, and then prosecuted. Trump should be sanctioned for his failure to reveal his awareness of his gang's misdeeds. The rest of his staff should be directed to level with the American people immediately and completely, and warned that if they do not, and misbehavior comes to light later, they will be vigorously prosecuted.

All of these people took an oath to uphold the Constitution and to faithfully execute the duties of their positions. If Flynn and Sessions are complicit, then how likely is it that they are the only two? The world, while laughing at us, is also in serious danger of the U.S.'s potential inability to protect peace while in such disarray that the only thing we can focus on is damage control.

What an embarrassment to our country, and Donald just stands there grinning and saying how wonderful things are. He is grating America into shreds.

Christopher Butzon, Hamilton

Strong leader

I just had to respond to the letter you titled “Alarming instability.” The writer doesn’t like President Trump and she’s entitled to her opinion. I’m a conservative and I usually vote Republican, and though Mr. Trump was not my first choice, I voted for him and am pleased with his performance so far.

Unlike most politicians, he seems to be keeping all his campaign promises and to me that’s quite refreshing for a politician, so I cheer him. Mr. Trump didn’t “seize the reins of power,” he was elected to the office through our electoral process and he has appointed a great cabinet to carry out the will of the people.

Mr. Trump is not abdicating our leadership in the world. It was Mr. Obama who was no world leader and did the abdicating over the past 8 years. We were weak in the eyes of the world while he was in office, and I’m glad he’s gone. Mr. Trump tweets and though I have yet to tweet, it seems to be a very effective way to communicate with everyone. We are the most powerful nation in the world, and “the bad guys” in the world need to know (perhaps even through tweets) that if they step out of line, we’re willing and able to use our power for the good of our world. With each day that Mr. Trump is in office, I’m feeling more secure, and I’m not living in “an opium dream.” Perhaps the letter writer has been living her own dream for the past 8 years and needs to wake up to the real world.

Carl “Bud” Paepke, Columbus

Senior Resist

The Democratic members of Columbus’ legislative delegation appear to have assisted in creating “Georgia Resist.” Maybe it is time to start “Senior Citizen Resist”. This group can start by resisting to pay taxes to the local school district since they do not have children in the schools, and should not have to support failing schools and a system with high dropout rates. Let us not forget the School Board, where bullying should not be allowed, in the board room or the classroom.

Seniors should resist paying taxes to support the Public Defenders program which defends criminals who have little regard for human lives and properties of law-abiding citizens.

Seniors should resist voting for the next SPLOST which will pay for a facility that cannot be afforded, supported, or maintained, like the Natatorium or the Government Center that is only 40 years old and mainly used for trials of criminals.

Resist contributing dollars to nonprofit organizations which spend the money for high administrative costs and little for those in need of their supposed services. Seniors should choose a person in need and bypass the nonprofit.

Lastly, resist voting for any politician who has served in office two or more terms, who casts votes based on their caucus instead of for all the people they represent, and spend senior tax dollars recklessly and irresponsibly.

These are just a few agenda items, there could be more. Seniors, you have paid your fair share for years, it is now time to rise up and resist!

Lavon J. Gary Jr., Columbus

Not-so-sweet home

In November 1986, as a young Alabama mayor, I experienced a “defining moment” (DM). That DM was gaining the knowledge from a high school freshman of smoking being permissible in our school district. This lightning bolt DM also ignited my darkened childhood memories of witnessing emphysema, caused by smoking, painfully terrorizing my poor World War II veteran dad to his 1964 death.

Now, decades later, my "Sweet and Smoky" Alabama, with a Republican pro-life medical doctor governor, continues to allow the most vulnerable to be punished in car seats and wombs breathing toxic tobacco smoke. Regretfully, no surprise Forrest Gump on this one.

Mike Sawyer, Denver, Colo.