Letters to the Editor

Is this how Columbus wants to present itself?

Columbus has a trash problem and I don't mean once-a-week garbage pickup. The real problem is litter. It is everywhere. Just open your eyes. It is on the roadsides and interstates. If you walk anywhere you will see it. Trash clogs the storm drains. It gathers under benches and behind bushes. Some people drop their trash on the tops of hedges and flower pots. The parking lots of businesses and shopping centers are full of litter. I have gone to stores and restaurants right when they open and their garbage cans are full outside the front door. That is if they even have garbage cans. Don't get me started on cigarette butts.

People used to take pride in their communities and businesses. There used to be anti-litter campaigns with billboards and commercials. Littering used to be taught as a negative thing. Something has changed. I walk a lot in my neighborhood and I pick up litter every day. I am amazed at the sheer volume of it. People just walk and drop and some people deliberately throw it down or out their car windows. I can't imagine the mindset of someone who would do that, but it happens.

I think Columbus needs to do something about this problem. Recycling is great, but it is not enough. More attention and awareness needs to be made about this issue. Let's take some pride in our beautiful city. Tourism is stronger than ever in Columbus now. Let's make a good impression. I challenge everyone to pick up litter when you see it. Don't turn a blind eye to it and don't assume someone else will clean it up. This should be a priority. It is good for the environment and good for the economy.

Suzanne Daniel, Columbus

A rising tide

When I was a kid I saw an advertisement for an advertising company that said "It doesn't cost, it pays." I asked my father what it meant. He explained that people spend money on advertising but then more people go to their store so they can make more money than the advertising cost. Democrats are, by their choice, as uninformed as a 10-year-old child when it comes to the recent tax cuts. The economics are there, lower tax rates equals more economic activity, higher employment, and more tax money collected. Google the Laffer Curve.

The history is there: Ronald Reagan. Top marginal tax rate 1981 was 70% and he got it lowered to 28% despite the many predictions of doom. The amount of money collected by government by way of taxes doubled. This greatly benefited all Americans but especially black Americans. After 8 years of the President Reagan administration black unemployment fell by 20%, the number of black families earning over 50 thousand dollars more than doubled, and both black home ownership and personal net worth went up.

In contrast, by any measurable economic factor b Americans have been severely hurt by Obama and his liberal policies. After 8 years of President Obama, back unemployment increased by 42%. The average income of Bblack Americans decreased, and both black personal net worth and home ownership went down.

President Ronald Reagan said, "A rising tide lifts all ships." Everyone in America will benefit from the tax bill that just passed.

John B. Stephens, Columbus

Enemy within

The likelihood that either North Korea or ISIS can destroy this Republic is remote and unworthy of intelligent discussion. The real threat to our survival as a nation and the quality of life proscribed by our founders for all of us is the Republican Party led by not only the maniac in chief, but also ultra-rich demons that care only about procuring the entirety of global wealth at the expense of human dignity and compassion.

You don’t need a Ph.D. to understand that the assault on working-class Americans commenced with the first Republican President. Lincoln was vehemently opposed for re-election by Republicans when he advocated progressive taxation on the moneyed crowd of thieves. No doubt, that vehemence produced his assassination rather than any fiction regarding the Emancipation Proclamation that was already entrenched as a matter of law.

Hoover was a moneyed clone of the Republican hierarchy and his corrupt economic policies led to the Great Depression with its most deep-felt victims being the working class and elderly Americans. FDR saved the nation with his New Deal safety nets and it was augmented by LBJ with enactment of Medicare in 1965.

Ever since, the Republican thieves have had both progressive and worthy programs in their gunsights with the intent to eliminate all such guarantees for the most needy among us. Now, with Trump, McConnell, Cruz, Rubio and Ryan openly proclaiming their intent and goal to eliminate all such safety nets under the pending and totally corrupt tax plan, it is time for all Americans to stand as one and say go to hell!

Robert John White, Georgetown