Letters to the Editor

Benefits of 13th Street reimagining would seem obvious

I appreciated the LE’s report last week regarding the 13th Street reimagining. As a resident of Lakebottom, I would love to see that area turned into a people-friendly business area. We desperately need safe bike lanes, sidewalks, and, most importantly, businesses in this neighborhood.

I was saddened by the number of vocal opponents to the vision, but also confused. Why does anyone want four lanes of deadly-fast traffic plowing through their neighborhood? Why would anyone oppose helping new local businesses? The benefits to the proposal seem so obvious, the downsides so minimal.

All of this is happening while we’re in the middle of tearing huge amounts of land around Talbottom in order to build more lanes for more cars. Big roads are one of our society’s addictions. Like any addiction, it’s difficult to quit, but deadly if you don’t. Too many other cities have already spiraled into black holes of asphalt, so let’s make Columbus better than that.

John Jackson, Columbus

Dissenting view

There is nothing more deadly than an expert from out of town with a clipboard. Apparently, Columbus has been visited by such a person with a "vision" for improving matters on 13th Street. Such planning has successfully destroyed a large part of Linwood Boulevard between 10th Avenue and Sixth Avenue. Not content with that, planners and visionaries have turned their attention to 13th Street between 17th Avenue and 13th Avenue.

Thirteenth Street is a heavily travelled, four-lane east-west corridor. The great minds want to reduce the number of lanes to two, provide for parking and pedestrian sidewalks. This is a simple-minded pipe dream. This area is never going to be a vital shopping area. Eliminating traffic lanes and creating parking spaces are thoughtless and will serve only to snarl traffic. Do we remember from about a year ago when some poor soul came up with the idea of closing two traffic lanes on the 13th Street viaduct and making pedestrian spaces for the hordes of people who wished to walk on 13th Street? This present proposal is just as absurd.

Thomas Orr, Columbus


Again we must endure yet another mass shooting at a high school. I fear I’m becoming numb to this sort of trauma. Are we powerless to change? Does the NRA control our hearts and minds?

Look around the planet at other civilized nations. Do they have the same level of gun violence as we do? How many gun deaths have we already had this year in this area alone?

This has gone on far too long. This does not mean you have to give up your guns. It is not an invitation to government overreach, any more than requiring fire escapes and seat belts, etc. This is smart public policy to reduce gun violence. Yes, I know we are different from those other countries, but surely we can learn from them and make changes that may lead to the day when I turn on the news and am not assaulted with more gun carnage. Not to do anything is irresponsible, and in doing nothing we ourselves are partially to blame for future tragedies.

Yes, I too am a gun owner.

John Roberts, Seale

Leftist vermin

Just read an AP article in the Ledger-Enquirer that gave mild accolades to Cecile Richards, leader of Planned Parenthood, which is the leader of abortion providers in the US. Even the name (Planned Parenthood) is misleading and sort of an oxymoron. Planning parenthood should not include killing children that have not been born yet. The name implies that parents have planned to have a child, not kill one that they did not have enough sense or moral conviction to prevent from conceiving.

Liberals extol the fact that she gained membership and support during her tenure there, from which she is stepping down. I guess she is somewhat of a hero to the left-leaning vermin in this country. In their eyes it’s OK to execute a fetus without seemingly any conscience whatsoever.

However, in the same section of the paper we read of a 67-year-old man in Alabama who murdered a police officer. We are supposed to feel compassion for this man, as the Supreme Court has halted his execution because the killer had a stroke and claims he can't remember doing the crime. Lawyers claim it is unconstitutional to execute him because he no longer remembers the killing. What a convenient memory lapse.

Upside-down judicial system. Expect compassion from liberal system of justice for a police murderer. Expect none from a system that continues to allow the killing of human babies.

Wayne Miller, Hamilton