Letters to the Editor

Becoming a participant in voting process

Yesterday, I had the privilege of working with the League of Women Voters in a voters registration drive. The event was the Cougar Kickoff for students at Columbus State University. Over 50 new voters were registered.

What a joy to see these young adults proud, excited, and honored to be given the opportunity to register, and to become active participants in our country’s democratic election process.

Judy Barnett

Fortson, Ga.


I write to bring to your attention a possible scandal. Along with my water bill, I received a note with a list of the items that we should not flush down the toilet. Among the articles listed were “flushable” tissues! (Quotation marks in the original.) I am sensitive to the environment and I was proud that I do not flush any of the other items listed. Up to now, however, I have been flushing said tissues with abandon. Now I hesitate. While I have not given it much thought, I assumed that some government agency, perhaps the Food and Drug Administration, had given full permission for the companies that make these wet wipes to label them as flushable. Who to believe? Have the Russians hacked our water company? Have the manufacturers of the tissues bribed the folks at the FDA? Has the Trump administration, in its eagerness to deregulate, allowed the Flushable industry to get away with this? Indeed, is this a move arranged somehow by Putin to cause our toilets to malfunction as part of the cyber war? I write in the hope that your crack reportorial staff can get to the bottom of this tissue issue and instruct us in proper

patriotic flushing policy.

Lewis R. Lieberman



Recently, I’ve noticed that the foliage along Warm Springs Road in Muscogee and Harris counties is wilted, and appears to be dying in places. It appears that local utilities are using a modern version of Agent Orange to control foliage in this area. I suggest that the local utilities consider using tree trimmers rather than herbicides to control foliage. Some of this spraying is within a few feet of Bull Creek, it invariable ends up in the area water supply.

William Tillman