Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Sunday, October 14, 2018

This combination of  file photos shows Georgia gubernatorial candidates Stacey Abrams, left, and Brian Kemp in Atlanta.
This combination of file photos shows Georgia gubernatorial candidates Stacey Abrams, left, and Brian Kemp in Atlanta. AP

Waging ugly campaign

I find it appalling that the candidate for the top job in the state of Georgia finds it necessary to:

1. Purge primarily black people off the rolls of our voter lists.

2. Hold up the registration of mostly black people right before the election.

3. Attempt to close the polling places in rural counties that are predominately black in a blatant attempt to prevent them from voting (and most likely voting for his opponent).

4. Flagrant attempt to intimidate black, Latino, and LGBTQ people from going to the polls with his talk, choice of words and actions.

5. Try to silence supporters of his opponents by theft of their signage that is placed on their private property

6. Vandalism of his opponent’s signage on private property.

7. Outright bullying and other tactics on social media by his supporters on his opponent’s supporters when the same cannot be said of them. No attack ads or bullying tactics have been employed by his opponent and will not be.

In short, he has waged a mud-slinging, dirty tactics, outright lies type of campaign worthy of the type of corruption politics that we are sick of and have been trying to rid ourselves for years. If the people of Georgia vote for this type of dirt then they deserve the same old same old they’ve been getting. Nothing will improve.

My husband and I want much better for Georgia. We see a much better candidate. If people will only look past the party labels and past skin color, they will see it, too.

Ellen Wright,


Outside influence on our election

“Follow the money, do the math.” Georgia’s hotly contested gubernatorial race is in full swing. Both candidates have similar war chests and talk similar plans for the state. Sites such as VoteSmart.org, followthemoney.org and Georgia Transparency & Campaign Finance Commission, provide a deeper look into the candidates, their values and profound changes possible for Georgia families.

Campaign contributions are pouring in for Stacey Abrams, with well over 50 percent coming from out-of-state, heavily loaded by N.Y. and California. If you take the time to review the campaign contribution list you will see many names that would cause severe voter distress. No longer do we have the luxury of accepting endorsements by local organizations as a basis for a sound vote, when contribution lists include names of persons, family members and known entities of George Soros and other less known, but equally cringe-worthy contributors.

My letter is not to push one candidate over another, it is to ask you, as the voter to look past the glossy mail-outs, compassionate words and smiles, to see who the candidates are actually beholding to, based on where, and from whom, their contributions come. In Stacey’s case, the sheer volume of out-of-state contributions indicate that “Georgia” is not first on her mind.

I fear for our state and communities. I do not want Georgia to become the next poster child for paid protesters clawing at our State Capitol doors. Follow the money, do the math!

Jane Leverett,


Missing the old Ledger-Enquirer

I am one of the rare ones: Born in Columbus, Georgia, and living in Columbus, Ohio. I was reared in Phenix City and grew up reading every word of both the Ledger and Enquirer. I even worked at the Ledger-Enquirer in the late ‘60s in the casting department. At age 18, I became the first in my family to move out of Russell County in four generations. After losing my mom, dad and two brothers, I remain the only limb on that proud tree.

I return home several times a year and I note the wonderful changes in Columbus, particularly the rebirth of downtown. Sadly, I can see no progress in the Ledger-Enquirer. There are several fine writers I enjoy still (Chitwood, Williams). Otherwise, it has become a conduit for the content of the AP, NYT and other liberal outlets.

I go to the Ledger-Enquirer online every day and have noted that almost no original content is posted and sometimes local “human interest” stories remain prominent for weeks. The fact there is no sports staff was the final straw. It would be a service to the community for the Ledger-Enquirer to become only a “paper of record” for posting legal notices and obituaries. I know I am a lone voice in the wilderness, but, I have said my sad goodby to a once proud local newspaper. RIP, Ledger-Enquirer!

Gary Bell,

Columbus, Ohio