Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Sunday, January 27

In this April 29, 2010 file photo, census employees assemble after a training course in New York.
In this April 29, 2010 file photo, census employees assemble after a training course in New York. AP

We need citizenship question

Regarding a recent commentary in the Ledger-Enquirer with the headline: “Abandon citizenship question on census.”

You know, citizenship is more important than any other question on a census.. Citizenship defines a voting requirement, and the census defines the Congressional districts in all states, and determines the number of representatives sent to Washington, D.C. A recent article showed Los Angeles County, California, as having more people in it than 46 other states, but California doesn’t have a clue as to how many are citizens of America, so, in effect, Los Angeles County could have more Congressional representatives than many states deciding on issues that effect the citizens of the whole country.

In fact, a citizenship question is a whole lot more pertinent than census-allowed questions concerning a person’s sex, age, or race.. Aren’t all American citizens.. regardless of age, sex, or race, already equal in the eyes of the Constitution?

Hal Kirven,


I can only imagine

I’m going to channel John Lennon for just a moment to propose a thought experiment. Imagine a world without Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It’s easy if you try. No more outbursts of national rage. No platform for internet trolls, bullies, racists, or those who seek to divide. No more “fake news,” from the president or anyone else. Imagine ... a calmer, more rational, more peaceful society.

For all its value, ironically, “social” media has made us more anti-social than ever. Perhaps it’s time we do more than just imagine our lives without it.

Phil Strickland,


Get facts right

The commentary item in the Opinion page in the Jan. 16 Ledger-Enquirer about the proposed border wall could use some industrial-strength fact-checking. The person who wrote this was heavily under the influence of some Trumpism, “Every thing I say is true, “ Kool-Aid, who possibly gleaned their facts from far-right commentary and did not bother to keep up with current events. Those numbers were used some weeks ago and were attempted to be paraded on a major news network by Sarah ( I just repeat what the Boss tells me ) Sanders and then had to be walked back by of all people, KellyAnne Conway, as a simple misstatement of facts.

As if anything else coming out of that place on Pennsylvania Avenue had anything to do with basic truth anyway. The 4,000 number was cherry-picked and then promoted as gospel truth and shown to be slanted and basically inaccurate. There is already a wall, it exists in the imaginations and minds of persons who write commentary like this, and those who for some reason actually think it is true. Joseph Goebbels and old Joe McCarthy would be so proud.

Michael Wade,