Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Sunday, February 10

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Let’s protect Early College

Early College has a graduation rate of 100 percent compared to a state rate of about 80 percent. It has the second highest College and Career Readiness rate in the district.

It serves an economically challenged, and diverse, population, which earned it the distinction of one of Georgia’s only 84 Title 1 Distinguished schools, the only one here. This is success story of which we should be proud.

Yet the superintendent is recommending its elimination, in spite of its success, and some might think because of it.

Ostensibly, the reason is economics, comparing state funding of about $600,000 to total cost of $1.2 million. With all due respect to the superintendent, that analysis is, most charitably put, flawed.

The funding estimate is derived by multiplying the state FTE per pupil average for high school students of $5,000 to the number of Early College students. The cost is derived primarily from teacher salaries. State funds don’t support the program.

However, state funding does not support any high school program. According to MCSD audits the average cost per pupil is about $10,617. That number multiplied times the number Early College students is, not coincidentally, about $1.2 million.

Using the school district’s logic every high school program should be eliminated, including , for example also highly successful Columbus High magnet.

But it’s not another high school program under attack. You don’t have to be a cynic to know that the parents at Columbus High have the political clout to protect it. The Early College parents may not. This is what makes this proposal so troublesome and embarrassing.

Fife Whiteside,


Abortion is corrupting our republic

We have become a republic of sheep ravaged by the wolves of a liberal progressive secular Democratic Party. To them, “life has the name life but in reality it is death.” They proclaim that a woman has not only a “right” to abortion but to an abortion right up to the moment of birth – an act of infanticide. This is now the law in New York, defeated by one vote in Virginia and now before the legislature of Rhode Island and coming to the abortion clinic next to you.

Forty-nine percent of Christians voted for Democrats in the midterm elections despite their agenda of death, How is this possible? To err is human but to persist in error is diabolical. “To be silent in the face of this evil is evil itself; not to speak is to speak; not to act is to act (Bonehoeffer ).

Our republic was founded under God and we were made to honor Him and not man. It gives some of us great comfort that our sanctity and our hope depends on God and not man. The traditional union of moral and aesthetic judgements in our society has dissolved leading to an estrangement from any coherent moral tradition devolving into dissolution of the family structure, the very basis of our society.

Men have left God, not for other gods but for no God. This has led to the demise of absolute truth and the rise of relative truth – evil is now good.

We have crossed the Rubicon and without the recognition that God, our creator without whom we can do nothing, we can not cross over. What the Democrats think is political victory will be Pyrrhic. Although God is all merciful He is a God of justice.

The day of His justice is drawing near.

Joseph Liss,