Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Sunday, April 28, 2019

Not seeing justice

The symbol of Lady Justice has been around since antiquity. Egypt (Maat), Greece (Dike) and Rome (Iustitia) all had goddesses who represented the concepts of law, morality, truth and justice. Statues depicted them first with scales and later a sword. The blindfold, it seems, was added in the 1500s.

Two recent cases make me wonder if Justice is truly blind or just shielding her eyes.

In the summer of 2016, FBI Director James Comey twice came before the country to announce that he had determined no reasonable prosecutor would take the case against Secretary Clinton to trial for her use of a private email server. The investigation was very brief, Director Comey misstated the law regarding intent, he wrote his conclusions before the investigation was over, and usurped the AG. In sum, he did not do his job.

Now we have the Mueller Report finding there was no evidence of collusion whatsoever. Mr. Mueller then reports he could not charge obstruction but gratuitously goes on to say he could not “exonerate” the president either. And so once again, a job was left undone.

To be sure, the report details the president making rash statements and considering poorly thought out actions. As AG Barr said in his press conference, the president was most upset. But Mr. Mueller was not fired, executive privilege was not asserted and witnesses testified freely. The purpose of the investigation was to find evidence of a crime. It was either there or not. Our justice system does not require one to “exonerate” himself.

Regardless of your view of the outcomes, the point is a fundamental principle of justice was disregarded – if you have legally sufficient proof, you present it to jury to decide. Otherwise, keep quiet and move on.

Sometimes the blindfold shields Justice’s eyes from outcome-oriented decisions.

Michael Fox,


Thanks you so much

I would like to express my appreciation to Holly and her crew on the recycle truck, either 19005 or 15009 (I just don’t remember), for their help.

I had a fall in my front yard and couldn’t get up. I was able to flag Holly and her crew down and Holly had me upright in no time flat!

I am grateful to all of them for their help!

Jill Starr,


United Way success

All of us at United Way of the Chattahoochee Valley want to express our thanks to everyone who has helped us raise over $7,075,819 this year. Another great year, and as always, I am awed at the generosity of this community. You have stepped up every time we’ve asked for your support, whether it was through workplace campaigns, or collecting backpacks for students through Stuff the Bus.

Currently over 90 community volunteers are reviewing annual grant request and visiting agencies to ensure that your gift is invested wisely in programs that are filling a need, getting results, and are good stewards of the community’s money.

That is what the annual campaign is all about. When someone calls for assistance through United Way’s 2-1-1, we are able to connect them to the resources they need through a hand-in-hand service of funded agencies. And that’s where the work begins: a hot meal, provide a warm place to sit for a while, a work uniform, medical assistance or afterschool programs for their children. That’s where we can give someone a hand and help Chattahoochee Valley residents find a way to a healthier, happier tomorrow. It is with your gifts of support that make all that possible.

Scott Ferguson,

President and CEO of United Way of the Chattahoochee Valley