Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Sunday, June 9, 2019

Do more to protect pedestrians

I appreciated your recent analysis of our increased pedestrian deaths. Too often, I see reporting that focuses on blaming the victims and avoids confronting the obvious reality: our streets are deadly by design. Ignoring the victims because of their social class or criminalizing crossing the street (aka “jaywalking”) won’t make us safer. As long as our roads prioritize big cars and fast speeds above all else, including human life, then regular pedestrian deaths will continue to be an issue. Somehow, our society has adopted the attitude of “those deaths are just a thing that happens; what can you do?” Personally, I’m not content with that.

John Jackson,


Not your business

Concerning the abortion debate: An ova is not a zygote is not an embryo is not a fetus is not a baby. We make distinctions in science and to liken abortion to killing a fully sapient being is inflammatory and inaccurate. This highly personal subject should not suffer the intrusion of people not directly involved. That is, it’s none of your business what a woman decides to do with her pregnancy — unless you are prepared to support and care for the unwanted infant.

John Roberts,

Seale, Alabama

Grudges are harming our nation

It was reported that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told her leadership, “I don’t want to see him impeached; I want to see him in prison.” On the one hand, she knows the Senate will never convict the president, so why waste the time impeaching. Thus long-term strategy is more important than short-term passion.

But see him in prison? It is quite clear that the Mueller probe went on as long as it did in order to provide a road map to impeachment, but as there was no collusion-conspiracy-cooperation with the Russians, what’s left? Is the speaker thinking of asking the Russians for the blueprints to Lubyanka prison and their well-used scripts for show trials?

We are now two and a half years after the president’s election. Looking around I am reminded of a statement made by Don Corleone as he addressed his fellow dons. “How did things ever go so far? Well, no matter. A lot of foolishness has come to pass. It was so unfortunate. What would the world come to if people kept carrying grudges against all reason.”

It seems to me that the things the president can do by himself, he has done well. Employment is up across all demographics. Wages are rising. Trade issues are being addressed. Iran and North Korea are not being appeased. Judges are being appointed.

But those things he needs cooperation to accomplish — the border, infrastructure, health care and the debt — remain frozen in the House. And the Democratic candidates are harping on climate change, Medicare for all, packing thecCourt, closing the Electoral College, forgiving student debt and a right to a house being more important than the right to make a profit.

How can the same country that landed at Normandy “keep carrying grudges against all reason?”

Michael Fox,