Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Sunday, July 14, 2019

Spend our money wisely

First of all, let me write no SPLOST! The Columbus Consolidated Government needs to work within a budget and quit using a SPLOST to fund things that it cannot afford.

Insofar as the Government Center is concerned, major repairs and improvements need to be made. There is no doubt whatsoever about this urgent need. However, I would like to know the reasons that the Government Center is in such dreadful shape. Why was it so neglected? Were not repairs and proper maintenance done along the way as needed? I thought building of a softball complex for the last Olympics was a monumental waste of money. However, the complex was built. After the long ago Olympics were forgotten, the complex fell into disrepair. Now, the city has felt the need to spend money that it does not have to bring the complex up to standards? Why? Why did we waste that money when there are a number of vacancies in the police and sheriff’s department that need to be filled. Of course, filling these vacancies is not “newsbreaking” but it is essential for the safety of people living in Columbus.

The Columbus Consolidated Government needs to start acting fiscally responsible and realize that it does not have a money printing press in the basement.

Thomas Orr,


A real issue to raise

I’ve been following and fighting tobacco since my 1984-88 Midland City, Alabama, mayoral term. Regretfully, I must be the only one questioning the commentators of the first presidential Democratic debate with their “nicotine-stained-colored-tobacco silence” as it blatantly escapes the justice of slaughtering 480,000 Americans annually without a debate question. How many must die to stop marginalizing tobacco as it preys on our marginal? Tobacco wasn’t racist yesterday, today, or never will discriminate. Tobacco, not “global warming or guns” rendered me fatherless at age 11 in 1964.

Mike Sawyer,


Trump showed us pride on Fourth

What’s he done now? He has stolen the Fourth of July from the American people! Again, President Trump finds himself under attack from his opponents. This time for meddling with the nation’s premier Fourth of July celebration. He has militarized D.C. and dared to put tanks on the streets of our capitol. He is making it all about himself and wasting our money!

Seriously? Why can’t an American president just be proud of America? Why can’t it just be about his love for the country and his pride in our military? My husband spent almost 33 years in the Army and I served for six years. We lived on many military installations and every celebration included military vehicles, proof of how great our military is, and a show of the strength of our service members and their equipment. What’s so wrong with that?

What’s wrong with using taxpayer dollars for taxpayers instead of for so many other frivolous things the government spends money on every day? This military equipment is owned by us Americans; why should we not be informed about it and get to check it out for a change? When is the last time the average citizen got to look at a tank or a helicopter used by the military? When did you last feel the goosebumps on your arms created by the rumbling of a tank rolling down the street in readiness to defend you and your country?

Where is America’s patriotism? I loved seeing military equipment protect us on the military installation where we lived and felt reassured to have a president who trusted and was proud of our military. What happened to that feeling?

Sabine Ashe,