Letters to the Editor

Our Christian heritage is clear

To the gentleman who questioned whether the Supreme Court or anyone has stated that this is a Christian nation, I submit the following.

Thomas Jefferson attended church one day, often writing the Banbury papers. in fact, he attended church on the front row for seven years in the House of Representatives. Superintendents of schools used the Bible for reading class. Thomas Jefferson quote: "The God who gave us life gave us liberty at the same time." As president, one of the Jefferson documents stated "In the year of our Lord Jesus Christ, 1804." In his first inaugural speech, George Washington said our nation was founded upon the principles of the Bible and a reliance upon almighty God. After his inauguration, Washington took all of the representatives to church to pray. When the framers of the Constitution were having problems, Benjamin Franklin suggested taking three days off to pray, which helped them finish when the pilgrims landed in America. The first thing they did was build a large cross on the land and dedicate this nation to Jesus Christ. Nathan Hale and numerous others declared the deity of God. The constitutions of all 50 states mention God in on way or another. The eye on the back of a dollar bill is Latin for "God has favored our undertaking."


Routine tragedy

Another day, another gun death on the streets of Columbus.

The way to get illegal drugs off the streets is to eliminate the production and distribution of illegal drugs, right? So why do people think that the way to get guns off the streets is to INCREASE the production and distribution of guns?

I agree that point-of-sale gun control laws have little effect. After all, why would a criminal even think about purchasing a gun through legal means when all he has to do is break into the home of one “decent law-abiding American” and steal enough guns and ammo to supply his entire gang!

The reason why gun control laws that work so well in countries like Great Britain, Canada, and Japan would not work as well in the U.S. is because those countries don’t already have hundreds of millions of guns in circulation throughout their society as we do.

And whose fault is that?

But still, my philosophy is that if it would save just one life, it would be worth it. While cars kill almost as many Americans every year as guns do, there’s no doubt that there would be thousands more traffic-related deaths each year if we didn’t have laws requiring drivers to be licensed, cars to be registered, speed limits, seatbelt laws, laws against drunk driving, and tons of car safety regulations. And not once have I ever heard anyone complain that those laws infringe upon our right to own and drive cars.

Of course, that philosophy will never carry much weight when applied to guns in this great country, where a criminally insane person’s right to stockpile guns is more important than a child’s right to live.

RANDY KING, Columbus

A better way

Watching Wal-Mart's razing and reconstruction on Exit 8 so near to their recently completed SuperStore at Columbus Crossing, the thought occurred to me: Buying the old Sears property in Midtown business district by the school board, removing it from the property tax rolls, rendering it unavailable to business developers such as Wal-Mart who could have, should have, maybe would have, built on exit six in Midtown, was nearsightedness! The area of the old Sears property could have been a destination, instead of the highway that it is on, that portion of Macon Road where most traffic is en route to another destination traveling 50 miles per hour.

It's not too late to fix it. Offer the old Sears property in Midtown for sale to business developers. Align Rigdon Road with Dell Drive; you won't even have to condemn or take any property by eminent domain. Make the old Rigdon at Macon Road intersection right-in and right-out like the library entrance on Macon Road. Move the traffic signal light to Rigdon and Dell. Seventeenth Street to Dell Drive has always fed the Macon Road area with only a stop sign. Make the resulting triangle of land created by aligning Rigdon and Dell green space.


Divine spirit

On Aug. 2, 2007, some resident men of The House of Mercy volunteered their services in a cleanup at Memorial Hill Cemetery in Opelika, where our founder Ocie Harris is laid to rest.

We wish to commend these gentlemen for their outstanding work. Although they came to us as mere homeless men from the street, through the strength of God on which this facility is founded they have emerged as warriors for Christ, and their walk and deeds reflect this glorious born-again transformation.

We acknowledge the following men: Bobby Berry, Melvin Berry, James Hartsock, Willey Hughs, Jeff Campbell, Charles Wright, Don Killins and Arthur Shepard.

BOBBY HARRIS Director, The House of Mercy

Extra service

Preceding major surgery, a man spent a full day with his young daughter.

Rushing to the nearest men's room — what to do with his small daughter? The manager of the fast food restaurant entertained her while Daddy was busy.

Many thanks, Burger King, for the extra special service.