Letters to the Editor

L-E crime reports incomplete

I recently read an article in the Ledger that told of three area women being robbed. Columbus seems to have had a recent surge in similar crimes. Many area residents have avoiding these situations as a top priority.

However, we need to know what to look for. This is the duty of the newspaper, to report and give helpful information to the public. That is what we pay for when buying a paper. I have noticed that the Ledger-Enquirer intentionally leaves out the color of the skin of the perpetrator. This makes absolutely no sense. Skin color is one of the easiest ways in which to describe someone. I am sure that its purpose is not to offend someone, but come on. The citizens need a true description in order to identify someone. Given a skin color, one can eliminate nearly half of Columbus' population. I think this is doing the citizens of Columbus a huge disservice pertaining to their public safety.WALTER J TRAWICK JR., Columbus

This is not 'sport'

If he is convicted of dogfighting, Michael Vick needs to be banned from more than just the Falcons training camp (“Vick ordered to stay out of training camp,” 7/24/07). For the safety of the whole community, he must also be banned from contact with animals and other defenseless beings.

As the gruesome details of Vick’s indictment make clear, dogfighting is cruelty to animals — plain and simple. Law enforcement experts know that people who torture and kill animals for kicks are deviants who often go on to do the same things to their fellow humans.

If he is convicted, Vick needs to trade in his Falcons jersey for an orange jumpsuit: Animal abusers need prison time, counseling, and a ban on contact with animals to help prevent their violence from continuing.

Please notify authorities immediately if you see warning signs of dogfighting in your neighborhood. We must work together to get these dangerous individuals off the streets. To learn more, visit www.HelpingAnimals.com.MARTIN MERSEREAU, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Web of ugliness

I am a Columbus native. I wasn't born here, but I've been here since I was 1. I read the Ledger every day, and visit the Web site often. I don't always agree with what I read, but I was raised to respect the opinions of others.

I often read the comments posted on Ledger-Enquirer.com. Sadly, I usually do it for a laugh. But today, I wasn't amused by what I read. Many of the comments in response to the article about the two boys who were murdered were absolutely appalling. Everyone is certainly entitled to voice their own opinions. But reading through those comments made me ashamed to say I'm from Columbus. Those two kids were murdered; it doesn't matter why and it doesn't matter what color they were. Crime is crime. How on Earth we can go from talking about an act of violence to "black parents need to stop their kids from having kids . . ." and the "NAACP is the black KKK . . ." is completely beyond me.

I grew up here, and I've lived all over this city. Crime is not just a problem in South Columbus; it's a problem in all parts of this place. I'm not "preaching unity," (as one of the comments complained); I'm saying that the people who took the time to post a comment made all of Columbus look like a stereotypical, backward Southern small town where blacks and whites don't get along. We are so much more than that. I'm proud to be a part of this city, but not when it's represented like it is on the Ledger's Web site. Fortunately, they delete the comments that are too foul, but I think they should wipe that section out all together. At least then, when someone from another city looks to our paper for information they won't think we're all like the people posting comments. I am not.Columbus

Gets what he gave

I'm not a goody two-shoes to believe in poetic justice. Michael Vick, a great quarterback, is destined for a time in "Dante's Inferno." The big 7 in his journey — which should be 666 — denotes the level of hell he will spend in eternity. This seventh level of hell (changed from Dante's original) is crowded with pit bulls—very, very hungry pit-bulls.

There is no excuse for these cruel acts by any human being. The above scenario could definitely be deleted — a fantasy. The verdict on Michael Vick is placed on the shoulders of us all.FRANK P. MCELVEY III, Columbus

Sledge is wrong

The article written by Kaffie Sledge on Tuesday, July 24, 2007, is reverse discrimination. Some black people have in their minds that any mistake a white person makes is intentional. Kenneth Walker was a man who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He resisted arrest and in doing so, Glisson's gun was fired.

But that is not the worst. Michael Vick. A role model to so many. How can a person live, white or black, knowing that you were killing and slautering innocent dogs just for entertainment? It angers me to know that select people don't see dogs or animals as an equal to "human life." Any form of life was created by God, and should not be violently killed just because it is not human.

I do not agree with any of Kaffie Sledge's points. It is NOT OK for a white man to shoot a black man. Whoever thinks it is needs to think again. Mistakes happen; everyone needs to take that into consideration.MADELINE-JANE IRVIN, Columbus