Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Beware - the legislature's back

In 1866, Judge Gideon Tucker observed that "No man's life, liberty, or property is safe while the Legislature is in session." Well, boys and girls, the circus is back in town -- Georgia's General Assembly has begun anew with an assortment of plans a-plenty for us all!

The winner of the persistence award must go to Sen. Josh McKoon for his quixotic attempts to ensure religious freedom for us all. Spoiler alert, Josh: No one is taking our freedom! In fact, I'm writing this a few minutes before I leave to attend the church of my choice. And I'm doing so without any legislative act from you! Don't you just love that First Amendment? What this "religious freedom bill" smacks of is nothing short of allowing one to discriminate without retribution. While he promotes "modest protections for people of faith," I see this bill as a pandering to the narrow-minded and intolerant. I have to wonder about the real motives behind this proposal.

Put a pig in a dress and high-heels, and it's still a pig. This bill is a pig and must be rejected for the third time. Please stop trying to protect us like this.

Finally, a note to Mr. Pezold about his comments regarding the lifting of the property tax freeze. While I may "vehemently" disagree with you on this topic, I certainly would never "violently" disagree with you -- I hope that none of your other constituents would, either.

Ken Paulk


Pumping poison

As the American public strolls through life unaware, Big Oil/Gas conceals an unpleasant shock for them. After drilling and fracking, the fiends at Big Oil have found themselves in a dilemma: Where can we dump our poisonous wastewater, laced with toxic chemicals? Aha! California, source of much of our food supply, is facing one of its worst droughts in history; let's rake in even more obscene profits by selling our wastewater as irrigation to desperately dry farmers.

And sell they did! Chevron and other "public-spirited" oil corporations are flooding California's Central Valley with their virulent wastes, and guess who some of their buyers are? Halos Mandarins, formerly called Cuties, Sunview Grapes and Raisins -- some of which are actually certified organic -- and Trinchero Family Estates, maker of Sutter Home Wines.

Who knows what other companies may succumb to the lure of relief for their parched crops? As most people who managed to finish the 4th grade know, plants take up water, nutrients, poisons and all, through their roots. Where does all this wind up? Give the man a cigar! Cancer-causing toxins which are pumped into our veggies subsequently are dumped into our bodies. Big Oil refuses to divulge the content of the witches' brew they employ in fracking, but these corporations pollute more than 80 billion gallons of our clean water every year.

Fortunately, pressure to ban fracking in the U.S. is expanding. The fracking industry has many politicians bought and paid for, and they are spending hundreds of millions in deceptive ad campaigns to win our approval. We unquestionably have a right to clean drinking water, clean air, safe food, and homes free of the hazards of fracking. Don't wait till our aquifers are contaminated with Big Oil's poisons; let's ban fracking forever -- in Georgia and all over the earth!

Judy F. Brouillette


Sensless cruelty

Almost every day I am confronted with some kind of animal abuse, and my heart breaks. I can't imagine a world without animals. Animal abuse is so prevalent I also can't imagine a world with happy, loved and well-cared for animals.

Animal abuse can be right next door to you or it might be a family member committing the crime. When people get mad with each other, it is the animals that suffer. I don't care how big or mean that animal is, it is no match for a human. Remember Cecil?

God created these wonderful creatures for us to love and care for and for us to receive the love they give to us in return. Animals are so forgiving, much more than humans are. When you abuse an animal, does it make you feel like a big man, or a big woman? When you stand before God, He is going to love you and forgive you, just as that animal you abused will love you and forgive you.

Sandra Waugh



People have failed to listen, and it has cost a considerable number of people their lives. We post signs that say it is a Gun-Free Zone, but then fail to control entry and exit, and do not surveill within the zone. Common sense is that if we create a zone where you are not allowed to protect yourself, that we have an obligation to protect you. This is not being done. Counting on the police to do this is unrealistic; even a reaction time of 30 seconds would not be effective because the officer arrives on the scene with less than accurate information about the order of battle.

It has been reiterated time and again that the the enemy is everywhere, but our actions imply that we don't believe that.

Gary Singley

Smiths Station