Letters to the Editor

Heart of the issue

The Forum column by local attorney Fife A. Whiteside regarding the roles of the Board of Education and the superintendent of education is the best column that I have read in the Ledger-Enquirer in some time. Mr. Whitehead succinctly elucidates the problems that occur when the board of education abandons its responsibilities to the community and allows the superintendent to rule by carte blanche.

I realize that the superintendent in his difficult job needs to have the trust and support of the board, but this does not mean that the board needs to blindly approve every plan proposed by the superintendent. The difficult questions need to be raised, and the superintendent needs to answer those questions. The board and superintendent are accountable to the community, and the board is doubly so as they selected and hired the superintendent. Until the board and superintendent embrace total transparency and accountability to the voters, the board will continue to be a group of special-interest promoters who are fractious and divisive.

The Muscogee County schools central administration is extremely top heavy, with redundant and unnecessary positions . It is also distressing that a number of these educators have master's and doctor's degrees from institutions that are merely "degree mills."

It may be that the board of education cannot handle this institutional monster that has been allowed to gain control of itself.

Thomas D. Orr, Columbus

Mass amnesia

My, what short memories the Republicans have. (Either that or they are in denial.) Most can’t seem to remember that Bush/Cheney were responsible for going into the Middle East and upsetting the apple cart. And Colin Powell should have known, after Vietnam, that you don’t enter into a war without clear, doable goals, etc.

However bad the governments in the Middle East were, the dictators maintained order. Going into that region was just like poking a stick into a hornets’ nest. WMD my eye.

So the primary reason we are dealing with IS is that we, the USA under Bush’s presidency, made one of the worst foreign policy blunders in the last 100 years.

Obama and future presidents will have to deal with this for, unfortunately, the foreseeable future.

Another classic example which I’m sure they will continue to deny (until our coastal areas are deep under water) is climate change. The prolonged drought out west and the flooding in the center of our country are harbingers of more extreme weather to come. Scientists are overwhelmingly in agreement and have known about the consequences of human development and the destruction of the eco-systems we all depend on, yet despite the warnings, right-wingers seem to dismiss and forget these facts.

This head-in-the-sand attitude is self-destructive, and Trump embodies all this and more. I suspect their brains are lacking some essential reasoning ability … and perhaps the ability to face reality.

John Roberts, Columbus

Repairs update

A lot of activity has been going on at the northeast corner of 1st Avenue and 11th Street. Plastic has been laid down. A lift has been there. Workers have been all around the building. What is going on?

First Presbyterian Church has begun a stained glass window renovation project. During the next year the contractor will be removing the stained glass windows for repair and restoration. Once the windows are removed they will be taken to the company’s studio in Lynchburg, Virginia. When the repair is completed the windows will be returned to Columbus and remounted at the church.

Not only will the re-installed windows improve the appearance of the building, but this project will enhance Uptown Columbus. The removed windows have lasted over 120 years. The new windows will be ready for the next 120 years.

The stained glass renovation is part of letting the light of Jesus Christ shine more brightly and clearly.

Joel L. Alvis, Interim Pastor, First Presbyterian Church,Columbus

History, not myth

A recent regular letter writer claims the Old Testament book of Daniel to be of dubious origin. “Mythological,” he said. Space here doesn’t permit a full response, but a couple of quick facts (not myths) to ponder:

The historical person Daniel is mentioned in the book of Ezekiel (14:14,20, 28:3), which undisputedly dates from 593 to 571 B.C.

Christ referenced the prophecy of the Jerusalem destruction (Dan. 9:27), and said it “was spoken through the prophet Daniel” (Matt. 24:15). If Daniel is “mythological, allegorical writing,” Christ is either misinformed or dishonest about the prophecy’s authorship.

Prophecy is one of many strong evidences for the inspiration of scripture. Jesus also quoted or referenced Elijah, Isaiah, and Jonah, and quoted from each book of the Pentateuch (thus giving approval) to the prophets, accounts, and the miracles therein.

An honest, unbiased study of prophecy clearly shows that He is indeed the prophesied, historical, and risen Christ. If we choose Christ, we also choose the prophets and miracles. Objectively follow the clear evidence. “I am the way, the truth, and the life…” (John 14:6).

Alan Fonville, Phenix City