Letters to the Editor

Fondly remembered

As a beneficiary of Columbus public education music heritage, and as a proud ’68 Graduate of Jordan High School, I remember band director Mr. Joe Price fondly.

Mr. Price was one of the finest teachers I ever experienced. Mr. Price contributed music reviews and critiques for the Ledger-Enquirer and was not shy to criticize the execution of a performance he did not like. He would verbally fight anyone who criticized the music program when he knew they were out of bounds.

I was a member of The Red Jacket Band percussion section — an area of the band with notorious behavior problems. Joe Price ruled his hundred-plus students with a brilliant wit, sarcasm as necessary, and always with the threat of student embarrassment if band room decorum was lost. He also had no hesitation to use the paddle on any of his out-of-control drummers. Back then, young women students were spared the switch.

He was always ready to move his band members forward into the limelight. I recall clearly Mr. Price directing members of the drum section to actually fire live cannons during the grand finale of the Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture by the use of 12-gauge shotguns (sans birdshot), fired into two welded 55 gallon drums partly filled with water. (Really happened, Winter Concert JVHS ).

I recall musicals, concerts and recitals at the newly preserved Springer Theatre; numerous city, state and regional competitions with many earned awards; and guest artists, including a clinic with world-renowned jazz drummer Joe Morello.

Theater orchestra experiences included "Oklahoma", and "The King and I.”

Joe Price had a passion to make his students the best they could be, and he succeeded.

Support the arts in public education ... It really will make a difference!

Walter Thorne,

New York, N.Y.

Effective and humane

Animal Control has two trucks. If AC traps 12 cats per day it will take 8,333 days, 23.4 years, to trap 100,000 cats. Those cats could produce millions of cats in 23 years. And AC has no time to trap a single cat; they are busy responding to calls.

The Trap, Neuter, Release program for stray cat control allows cat trapping, shots, worming and neutering for free, or a nominal cost, at PAWS, and release back into the area found. The city got a million-dollar grant for this from a non-profit. TNR animals have part of their ear clipped off, signifying neuter and rabies vaccination.

With TNR at least some cats are neutered, slowing the rate of reproduction. If TNR is stopped almost no cats will be neutered and reproduction will increase exponentially. People will not trap cats for Animal Control or PAWS if TNR is stopped and they think the cats will be euthanized.

Don't like TNR? Then offer an alternative that works as well.

Some local leaders are busy getting attention for contrived cat problems and histrionics rather than solutions. One is conducting his own surveillance of private citizens by keeping track and looking for cat food on patios, as if private cat ownership is part of a cat colony conspiracy.

TNR is the only tool we have to slow the rate of increase. Council will take up this 100,000 cat problem Tuesday, Aug. 30.

Deborah Owens, Columbus

Different ‘fix’

Der Trumfer is claiming voter fraud even before the election, because, well, you never know, so maybe we need "volunteer " voter officials to make sure nobody votes 15 times or more. Who these "volunteer " election "officials " may be remains to be seen. An article in the New York Times said his supporters have little or no confidence in the accuracy of the vote count, in spite of the fact that "real voter fraud may be for the most part very small."

That statement was made by Mark Braden, a Republican election lawyer.

The results of the 2000 presidential race, won by George W. Bush, based on a few hundred votes in Florida, home of the missing absentee ballots and a few more "hanging chads " whatever those were, could be used as an example. The use of electronic voting machines has been hailed as a way to completely eliminate any question of a person voting more than once, or an opportunity to manipulate the vote count, take your pick.

If you really want to talk about voter fraud, it is referred to as gerrymandering, or the deliberate manipulation of a voting district in order to give one political party the overwhelming vote to guarantee an election. This can be based on political, ethnic, racial, linguistic or religious biases, thereby creating what amounts to political ghettoes. Both of the current political parties, Republican and Democrat have been guilty of using it in the past to rig a congressional district. In other words, the fix is in.

So call it what you will, there is an accepted and used form of voter fraud in use at this very minute, but not the kind mentioned by his Donaldness.

Michael Wade, Ellerslie