Letters to the Editor

Scandal and coverup

We would not have known about this underhanded deal unless Donald Trump had not opened his big mouth. In January 2016 Obama bypassed Congress and approved giving Iran $400 million. Obama denied the $400 million was ransom; later his spokesperson somewhat admitted it was. This cash was flown by military aircraft to Tehran.

Two days later Obama authorized the State Department and U.S. Treasury to pay an additional $1.3 billion to Iran, again without congressional approval.

This is another example of the sneakiest president in US history. Obama has continually lied, misled and disregarded our Constitution for the last eight years. We will not forget that Obama commuted the sentences of 214 federal inmates last month. That is a record for one day of presidential pardons. That act made a mockery of the U.S. justice system and the presidential office. Obama's legacy will be that of a scoundrel.

It is unfortunate the actual news does not get reported by the news media, which turns a blind eye to the lies of Obama and Hillary. The editorial staffs of the Chicago Tribune and Washington Post chastise Donald Trump every day. It is obvious that the publisher of the Ledger-Enquirer supports the bullying tactics of the Tribune and Post because their columnists are regular contributors to the editorial pages of the Ledger-Enquirer.

Around 2006, when the Ledger-Enquirer was purchased by the McClatchy Company, I believe they made a decision to focus more on opinions and less on actual news. For the most part our local paper was left with a puppet staff that had to dance to the tune of a new breed of publisher.

Glenn Phillips, Columbus

Historic precedent

In response to the recent statement sent to “Sound Off' stating that the Native Americans were here first, then posing the question, “What if they had built a wall to keep immigrants from entering the country?” The Native Americans could not put up a united front because they were too busy fighting among themselves; therefore they were doomed for failure. Then ask the question, "Do you see the parallels with the divisiveness over immigration today?"

Janice Litton, Columbus

Not worth effort

To whom it may concern,

There are so many seemingly unsolvable problems in the world, even here in Columbus, that surely we can agree to address just the one problem, and that is abomination known as the "Celebrity Cipher." When this writer goes through the contortions of scratching through the "clue" (why have a clue to a puzzle?) so that she can solve the quote unaided, and the resulting sentence is discovered to have sprung from the lips of Scott Baio or Kelly Ripa, the effort of rising before dawn to make coffee and retrieve one's newspaper from the box seems bootless (see what you can learn from a real Cryptoquote?). Please restore the Cryptoquote of yore.

Sincerely, Queen of the Luddites,

Cindy Cox Garrard,


What next?

Donald Trump told Wolf Blitzer in 2004 on CNN, “… If you look back, I mean it just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats.” That same year he is quoted as saying, “Hillary Clinton would make a great president.”

We know that his clothing line is made in China and Mexico and that in May of this year his campaign spent $55,000 to purchase more than 3,000 copies of his book “Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again” and that the rent on his Trump Tower campaign headquarters increased fivefold when the GOP started to pay it.

We also know that Donald Trump a few years ago was bragging about being a billionaire paying nothing in income taxes.

We don’t know what policy Mr. Trump would propose. We don’t know if Mr. Trump can tell the same story twice, or if he has any decent thoughts, or thinks at all.

Ray James, Columbus

A better choice

I urge everyone dissatisfied with the Democratic or Republican candidate for president to consider voting for Evan McMullin, a mainstream conservative with experience in national intelligence, foreign affairs, and fiscal affairs.

He is a truly pro-life conservative who defends the Constitution and shows compassion for fellow human beings. He has done humanitarian work in other countries such as Brazil and Jordan.

He is a serious candidate because he can get enough votes to prevent the major candidates from receiving 270 electoral-college votes. He has significant financial backing and many thousands of volunteers.

See the website, EvanMcMullin.com, and his Twitter feed, @evan_mcmullin.

Anna Holloway, Fort Valley