Sound Off

Sound Off for September 7, 2016

Election year special

Trump sandwich: White bread; lots of bologna; Russian dressing and a little pickle.

You buried the story, L-E

Disappointment in layout: FSU player and autistic student on back page while dysfunctional Trump all over the front page. Your priorities need a brush-up.

Thoughts, prayers

I live in Phenix City. God Bless the bus driver who was killed and the two precious children killed in a separate accident. My prayers are with them all.

How it works

I like my new government-mandated water-saving toilet. Because it refills more quickly, I flush it much more often. And sometimes I double flush it just to make sure.

Party of one

The Clinton Foundation has earned accolades. Donald Trump’s foundation is Donald Trump.

Maybe why they’re there?

It’s a crying shame people get in trouble, go to prison, then demand better food and popcorn.

Scandal inventory

Most people have skeletons in the closet. Hillary’s skeletons require a warehouse.