Sound Off

Sound Off for September 8, 2016

Quid pro quo

I will listen to Republican accusations regarding the Clinton Foundation when Trump releases his tax returns.

A non-issue

I couldn’t give one red cent to know about Trump’s tax returns. Folks, get off your soapbox.

Dead on point

Last Tuesday’s editorial cartoon was right on the mark. Kaepernick didn’t stand up for the Anthem because of “racial inequality.” He’s asked, “Will you give up your paycheck because of income inequality?”

Just wondering

Food for thought: How many people who work for Trump have had their immigration papers checked?

Municipal mismanagement

Now why does Darr think he should be able to pick an auditor to go over his budget records? Council members, you are truly mishandling this.

Not surprising

Despite media bias, some polls show Trump ahead — makes sense as younger voters see through Hillary's lies, and the only thing the Clintons gave the black population was the three-strike law that increased incarceration.

Pick your poison

I don’t know which is worse, Kaepernick or the liberals who support him.