Sound Off

Sound Off for September 9, 2016

Somebody else?

Tell me please who you should vote for when you can’t stand either one of them.

Immigration issue

Michael Wildes, an immigration lawyer for the Trump organization, told Univision Melania obtained a green card in 2001 "based on marriage." But she didn't marry Trump until 2005. Illegal immigrant or preferential treatment?

Who speaks for us?

Is there a reason not to appoint a Guardian Ad Litem to protect taxpayers’ interests? So far all the government seems represented but not the taxpayers who have to pay out millions with no voice.

Affliation should matter

Personally, I think when a person joins whatever party it is, they should be bound to support the candidate running for that party.

Utter disregard for life

It's no wonder motorcyclists are getting killed so often on our highways. One just passed me on Lee 379 I'll estimate was doing 100 mph.

Keep sniffing

Scandal-sniffers’ alert: Hillary met with 1,700 world leaders while she was Secretary of State. The 85 meetings she held with foundation donors were only 5% of her total. All smoke, no fire.


Donald Trump — a legend in his own mind.