Sound Off

Sound Off for September 11, 2016

Taxpayer protection

The present law keeps politicians from raising home taxes every year from now on. No one is paying their neighbors’ taxes. Anyone who says otherwise is hurting our city. Vote no and protect all homeowners.

Better call Saul

Trump says his business experience will make him a good president. Based on past experience, if voters complain he’ll sue them into submission.

At his own risk

I read that Bryan Pagliano has brokered an immunity deal from the Justice Department in return for testifying against the Clintons. Dead man walkin’!

Not a fan

Picasso loved to fool rich Americans into buying sketches which were to him garbage. I am sure he would have loved the new so-called art and poetry that contaminate an area of the RiverWalk.

My definition

What do you call a presidential candidate who hasn’t had a news conference in over 260 days? Answer: A coward (Hillary.)

Inside scoop?

The California State Assembly designated August as Muslim Appreciation Month. God is going to finally have enough and will break off California and let it float away.

Political suction

The only thing I’ve seen Donald Trump do is waste oxygen.

Targeted zeal

There’s no substitute for enthusiasm ... provided it’s directed for the greater good.

Nothing to worry about

One thing for sure is that if the Russians did hack until into the DNC computers, nothing of intelligence was compromised.