Sound Off

Sound Off for September 12, 2016

Upward vector

Trump’s career goals: From billionaire real estate tycoon, to bombastic presidential candidate, to president, and then God.

Late lesson

Hillary knows ignorance is no excuse for incompetence. Unfortunately, millions of voters don’t understand the importance of our national security. Perhaps they will understand when they have to learn to speak Russian or Chinese.

Comment, Don?

Irony alert: The local Trump-Pence headquarters just opened on 13th Street — in the lavender-painted gay pride building.


Hillary is the tool of Soros and the radical left. You all are being programmed by the progressive elites hell bent on the destruction of capitalism and advancing Marxist ideology. God Help Us!


Trump lies to the American people every day and then goes to Mexico and lies to the rest of the world.

Even church sites?

Recently choked on my coffee when reading Sound Off Saturday morning. Low IQ holder of the week warned if our children are on the Internet they're directly worshipping Satan. Parental guidance helps stop many things.

Health issue

No feral cat colony's allowed in my neighborhood. They kill many native animals bedsides rats and mice, and they can increase rabies risks. Humane trapping of strays works well.