Sound Off

Sound Off for September 13, 2016

The last Word

Donald Trump says we are all equal and have the same creator (reading from the TelePrompter). With no TelePrompTer he has spoken harshly of immigrants. The final word will be from our creator (no TelePrompTer).

Lifted spirits

It was very refreshing to read Saturday's article about the three young 9th graders’ success in their video game competition. No stealing, fighting, burning humans alive. Thanks for showing us some teenagers are shining!


Oh dear, oh dear. I just learned I am “deplorable” because I want the immigration laws enforced and Voter ID enacted. Uhhhhh, wait a second, she just apologized. OK, I’m all better.

The real story?

Pneumonia? Maybe. Maybe not. Crooked Hillary is a proven liar. It's no longer a conspiracy theory if it actually happens.

Running scared

Hillary’s stumbling on 9-11 is just a big act so that she can get out of debating Trump in two weeks.

Is she ‘covered’?

Hey Hillary, I hope Obamacare covers your "pneumonia" treatment.

The real issue

I’m voting for the candidate who will limit the time waiting for the feature presentation to two trailers and one admonishment to turn off my cell phone. Make going to the movies great again, America!

Deal or no deal

Apple has $215 billion stashed offshore to avoid paying American taxes of more than $60 billion. Let’s cancel all their government contracts till they pay.

Either way ...

I don’t know which is worse, Kaepernick or the liberals who support him.