Sound Off

Sound Off for September 14, 2016

Count me in

So Hillary says Trump supporters are a basket of deplorables. Well, if being patriotic, struggling to earn money for the family and loving God and country is deplorable, I guess she is right.

Years of hunting, still no witches

The right-wing conspiracy that has existed for many years has nit-picked every move the Clintons have made; and it’s cost us millions in wasted revenue. Not one iota of criminality has been uncovered.

Sounds kinda boring

The only activity the children need to do is to stay off the streets and go to school.

Help us first

Jobs for Americans are scarce. Why does our president, Barack Obama, want to import 10,000 or more job-seeking people?

Take a stand

Well done to the mayor and Councilor Walker Garrett for working to thaw the freeze that is devastating to our city's growth. And the other councilors?

One comes to mind

If you go back 150 years, can you find a Republican politician with an enlightened stance on black Americans, such as saying that white people shouldn’t keep them as slaves?