Sound Off

Sound Off for September 17, 2016

Tactical expertise

To all Fort Benning Generals & Junior Officers: Donald Trump knows more about warfare than you. Shape up or prepare to be fired!


Greta Van Susteren resigned from Fox News. She must have been persona non greta.

You decide

Jim Blanchard tells us to vote against our self-interest on the matter of the tax freeze. That is another elitist telling us what is best for us. Vote no if you can think for yourself.


I know a fellow who lives in his mother’s house. She is in an assisted living center. He doesn’t want to buy yet because of the freeze. Unfair to us all.

Well hidden

The similarity between a lost set of keys and Hillary Clinton and the truth: After searching high and low, they will eventually be found in the last place you look.

‘Strength’ value

I agree with Trump and Pence that Vladimir Putin is a stronger leader than our U.S. President. And so was Joseph Stalin.

New topic, please

Can we stop with these lame quips about Trump and Hillary? It fills up the Sound Off mailbox. Talk about city government or something. Let’s make some better choices.

Lefty math

Great example of liberalism: Vote for Obama, get Obamacare and then complain that you shouldn’t have to pay the additional health costs.