Sound Off

Sound Off for September 18, 2016

Of course she supports it

Hillary is exempt from Obamacare. She has a good policy, unlike the rest of us.

Easy call for me

Why would anyone vote yes for the opportunity to pay more property taxes? Keep the freeze.

Sticks and stones ...

I don’t mind being labeled deplorable. I know who I truly am.

Just what we need

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau caught Morgan Stanley stealing from its employees and Wells Fargo stealing from its customers. Meanwhile, Republicans are legislating for more deregulation.

Stick to sports

The NCAA says it will withhold seven championship events from North Carolina because the state has not accepted the LBGT bathroom law. The NCAA should keep its nose out of government and politics.

Drug of electoral choice

I wonder what all of these Hillary folks are shooting up in their veins to stand by that perpetual liar.

Flash forward

The year is 2020 — Michelle Obama is president, Deborah Lowe is mayor of Phenix City and the Canadians are charging the U.S. for the wall they are building.

GOP, you’ve been outed

I found a copy of the GOP “coded language” translation book after a Hillary rally, so watch out conservatives — Dems have been deciphering your racist communications. You must change the codes immediately!

Sweet deal — for them

We coddle our big corporations like the Hindus do their cows, and they, in turn, suck the life out of our country.