Sound Off

Sound Off for September 19, 2016

Vox populi

Saw a bumper sticker last night that read: "Giant Meteor — 2016. Just End It Already."


Come on, Hillary. Your state department employees don’t tell you what’s classified, you tell them what’s classified. Are you stupid?

Tick ... tock ...

Anyone have any idea about the completion date of Whittlesey Road or is this just a never-ending project?


The Founding Fathers' intent means nothing to people who think the Constitution's an antiquated joke. Whatever the majority wants now should be the law.


The NIM beats out the National Air and Space Museum and the Smithsonian for best free museum? If there ever was a rigged election, that certainly was it.


One thing I know about "illegal immigrants" is that they work and pay their bills rather than hold their hands out, whine and complain.

Not in Columbus

Seeing the Thaw the Freeze signs ... Those in town who would like to buy a new house will not be buying in Muscogee County again unless things change. There is no incentive to stay here.

Shut up and play

Fans pay good money to attend a sporting event. They don't pay to watch some athlete make a political statement.